TOYODA FH80B - FANUC 11 - 4 Axis Mill


Sample NC Program for this 4 Axis Milling Center (Rotate about Y Axis) post processor:

G90 G94
G40 G49
(REV: 1)
(T2 - 1/2" SPOT DRILL)
(T3 - #7 DRILL .2010 DIAM.)
(T4 - #4 DRILL .2090 DIAM.)
(T5 - 1/4-20 TAP)
(T6 - .249 REAM 3" FLUTE 5" REACH)
(T7 - .374 REAM 4" FLUTE 7" REACH)
(T8 - 1/4" BALL END MILL)
(T9 - 1/4" THREAD MILL)
(T10 - 3/16" CARBIDE END MILL)
(T57 - 3" FACE MILL)
N5 T57
N10  M6
N15 S3500 M3 T2
N20 G0 G54 X8.925 Y-2.025
N25 Z1. M8
N30 Z.1
N35 G1 Z0. F120
N40 X-1.675
N45 G2 X-1.95 Y-1.75 I-1.675 J-1.75
N50 G2 X-1.675 Y-1.475 I-1.675 J-1.75
N55 G1 X8.925
N60 G0 Z1.
N65  M6
N70 S2500 M3 T3
N75 G0 G54 X1. Y-3.
N80 Z1. M7
N85 G0 Z.1
N90 G1 X1. Y-3. Z-.13 F80
N95 G4 X2.
N100 G0 Z.1
N105 X3.
N110 G1 Z-.13 F80
N115 G4 X2.
N120 G0 Z.1
N125 X5.
N130 G1 Z-.13 F80
N135 G4 X2.
N140 G0 Z.1
N145 Z1.
N150 G54 X-.5 Y-2.25
N155 Z-1.5
N160 G0 X-.1 Y-2.25
N165 G1 X.1875 Z-1.5 F80
N170 G4 X2.
N175 G1 X-.1 F1600
N180 G0 Y-1.625
N185 G1 X.1875 F80
N190 G4 X2.
N195 G1 X-.1 F1600
N200 G0 Y-1.
N205 G1 X.1875 F80
N210 G4 X2.
N215 G1 X-.1 F1600
N220 G0 Z-.875
N225 G1 X.1875 F80
N230 G4 X2.
N235 G1 X-.1 F1600
N240 G0 Y-1.625
N245 G1 X.1875 F80
N250 G4 X2.
N255 G1 X-.1 F1600
N260 G0 Y-2.25
N265 G1 X.1875 F80
N270 G4 X2.
N275 G1 X-.1 F1600
N280 G0 X-.5
(#7 DRILL .2010 DIAM.)
N285  M6
N290 S1850 M3 T4
N295 G0 G54 X1. Y-3.
N300 Z1. M8
N305 G81 X1. Y-3. Z-2.1104 R.1 F60
N310 X3.
N315 X5.
N320 G80
N325 G0 Z1.
(#4 DRILL .2090 DIAM.)
N330  M6
N335 S1560 M3 T5
N340 G0 G54 X1. Y-3.
N345 Z1. M8
N350 G83 X1. Y-3. Z-2.1128 Q.167 R.1 F45
N355 X3.
N360 X5.
N365 G80
N370 G0 Z1.
(1/4-20 TAP)
N375  M6
N380 S250 M3 T6
N385 G0 G54 X1. Y-3.
N390 Z1. M8
N395 G84 X1. Y-3. Z-1.1 R.1 F125
N400 X3.
N405 X5.
N410 G80
N415 G0 Z1.
(.249 REAM 3" FLUTE 5" REACH)
N420  M6
N425 S890 M3 T7
N430 G0 G54 X1. Y-3.
N435 Z1. M8
N440 G85 X1. Y-3. Z-2.05 R.1 F200
N445 X3.
N450 X5.
N455 G80
N460 G0 Z1.
(.374 REAM 4" FLUTE 7" REACH)
N465  M6
N470 S750 M3 T8
N475 G0 G54 X1. Y-3.
N480 Z1. M8
N485 G81 X1. Y-3. Z-2.05 R.1 F150
N490 X3.
N495 X5.
N500 G80
N505 G0 Z1.
N510  M6
N515 S2500 M3 T9
N520 G0 G54 X-.3768 Y-3.5
N525 Z1. M8
N530 Z.1
N535 G1 Z0. F160
N540 X-.1586
N545 G3 X.0414 Y-3.3 I-.1586 J-3.3
N550 G2 X.2414 Y-3.1 I.2414 J-3.3
N555 G1 X2.5112
N560 G2 X2.7112 Y-3.3 I2.5112 J-3.3
N565 G3 X2.9112 Y-3.5 I2.9112 J-3.3
N570 G1 X3.4731
N575 G18
N580 G2 X3.6231 Z.15 I3.4731 K.15
N585 G3 X3.7731 Z.3 I3.7731 K.15
N590 G1 X5.5777
N595 G3 X5.7277 Z.15 I5.5777 K.15
N600 G2 X5.8777 Z0. I5.8777 K.15
N605 G1 X7.
N610 Y-3.07
N615 G19
N620 G3 Y-2.92 Z.15 J-3.07 K.15
N625 G2 Y-2.77 Z.3 J-2.77 K.15
N630 G1 Y-1.9
N635 G2 Y-1.75 Z.15 J-1.9 K.15
N640 G3 Y-1.6 Z0. J-1.6 K.15
N645 G1 Y-1.4
N650 G0 Z1.
N655  M6
N660 S1950 M3 T10
N665 G0 G54 X6.5 Y-1.5
N670 Z1. M8
N675 Z-2.1
N680 G1 Z-2.2 F120
N685 G17
N690 G1 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-2.1858
N695 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-2.1715
N700 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-2.1573
N705 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-2.143
N710 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-2.1288
N715 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-2.1146
N720 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-2.1003
N725 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-2.0861
N730 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-2.0718
N735 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-2.0576
N740 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-2.0434
N745 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-2.0291
N750 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-2.0149
N755 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-2.0006
N760 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-1.9864
N765 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-1.9722
N770 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-1.9579
N775 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-1.9437
N780 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-1.9294
N785 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-1.9152
N790 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-1.901
N795 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-1.8867
N800 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-1.8725
N805 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-1.8582
N810 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-1.844
N815 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-1.8297
N820 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-1.8155
N825 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-1.8013
N830 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-1.787
N835 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-1.7728
N840 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-1.7586
N845 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-1.7443
N850 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-1.7301
N855 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-1.7158
N860 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-1.7016
N865 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-1.7
N870 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-1.6858
N875 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-1.6715
N880 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-1.6573
N885 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-1.643
N890 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-1.6288
N895 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-1.6146
N900 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-1.6003
N905 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-1.5861
N910 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-1.5718
N915 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-1.5576
N920 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-1.5434
N925 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-1.5291
N930 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-1.5149
N935 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-1.5006
N940 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-1.4864
N945 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-1.4722
N950 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-1.4579
N955 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-1.4437
N960 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-1.4294
N965 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-1.4152
N970 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-1.401
N975 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-1.3867
N980 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-1.3725
N985 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-1.3582
N990 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-1.344
N995 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-1.3297
N1000 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-1.3155
N1005 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-1.3013
N1010 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-1.287
N1015 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-1.2728
N1020 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-1.2586
N1025 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-1.2443
N1030 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-1.2301
N1035 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-1.2158
N1040 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-1.2016
N1045 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-1.2
N1050 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-1.1858
N1055 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-1.1715
N1060 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-1.1573
N1065 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-1.143
N1070 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-1.1288
N1075 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-1.1146
N1080 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-1.1003
N1085 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-1.0861
N1090 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-1.0718
N1095 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-1.0576
N1100 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-1.0434
N1105 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-1.0291
N1110 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-1.0149
N1115 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-1.0006
N1120 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-.9864
N1125 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-.9722
N1130 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-.9579
N1135 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-.9437
N1140 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-.9294
N1145 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-.9152
N1150 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-.901
N1155 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-.8867
N1160 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-.8725
N1165 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-.8582
N1170 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-.844
N1175 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-.8297
N1180 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-.8155
N1185 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-.8013
N1190 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-.787
N1195 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-.7728
N1200 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-.7586
N1205 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-.7443
N1210 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-.7301
N1215 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-.7158
N1220 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-.7016
N1225 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-.7
N1230 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-.6858
N1235 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-.6715
N1240 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-.6573
N1245 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-.643
N1250 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-.6288
N1255 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-.6146
N1260 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-.6003
N1265 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-.5861
N1270 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-.5718
N1275 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-.5576
N1280 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-.5434
N1285 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-.5291
N1290 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-.5149
N1295 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-.5006
N1300 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-.4864
N1305 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-.4722
N1310 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-.4579
N1315 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-.4437
N1320 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-.4294
N1325 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-.4152
N1330 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-.401
N1335 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-.3867
N1340 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-.3725
N1345 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-.3582
N1350 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-.344
N1355 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-.3297
N1360 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-.3155
N1365 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-.3013
N1370 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-.287
N1375 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-.2728
N1380 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-.2586
N1385 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-.2443
N1390 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-.2301
N1395 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-.2158
N1400 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-.2016
N1405 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-.2
N1410 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-.1858
N1415 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-.1715
N1420 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-.1573
N1425 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-.143
N1430 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-.1288
N1435 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-.1146
N1440 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-.1003
N1445 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-.0861
N1450 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-.0718
N1455 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-.0576
N1460 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-.0434
N1465 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-.0291
N1470 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-.0149
N1475 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-.0006
N1480 X6.0477 Y-1.3531 Z0.
N1485 G0 Z1.
N1490  M6
N1495 S2500 M3 T2
N1500 G0 G55 X1. Y-1.8688
N1505 Z-1.1 M8
N1510 X.1
N1515 G1 X0. F1600
N1520 G41 Y-1.8188 D10
N1525 Y-1.7908 Z-1.096
N1530 Y-1.7651 Z-1.0844
N1535 Y-1.7437 Z-1.0661
N1540 Y-1.7282 Z-1.0425
N1545 Y-1.72 Z-1.0155
N1550 Y-1.7188 Z-1.
N1555 Z-.75
N1560 Y-1.7227 Z-.7028
N1565 Y-1.7346 Z-.6569
N1570 Y-1.754 Z-.6137
N1575 Y-1.7804 Z-.5743
N1580 Y-1.813 Z-.5399
N1585 Y-1.8509 Z-.5115
N1590 Y-1.8931 Z-.4899
N1595 Y-1.9383 Z-.4756
N1600 Y-1.9853 Z-.4691
N1605 Y-2. Z-.4688
N1610 Y-2.5
N1615 Y-2.5472 Z-.4727
N1620 Y-2.5931 Z-.4846
N1625 Y-2.6363 Z-.504
N1630 Y-2.6757 Z-.5304
N1635 Y-2.7101 Z-.563
N1640 Y-2.7385 Z-.6009
N1645 Y-2.7601 Z-.6431
N1650 Y-2.7744 Z-.6883
N1655 Y-2.7809 Z-.7353
N1660 Y-2.7813 Z-.75
N1665 Z-1.25
N1670 Y-2.7773 Z-1.2972
N1675 Y-2.7654 Z-1.3431
N1680 Y-2.746 Z-1.3863
N1685 Y-2.7196 Z-1.4257
N1690 Y-2.687 Z-1.4601
N1695 Y-2.6491 Z-1.4885
N1700 Y-2.6069 Z-1.5101
N1705 Y-2.5617 Z-1.5244
N1710 Y-2.5147 Z-1.5309
N1715 Y-2.5 Z-1.5313
N1720 Y-2.
N1725 Y-1.9528 Z-1.5273
N1730 Y-1.9069 Z-1.5154
N1735 Y-1.8637 Z-1.496
N1740 Y-1.8243 Z-1.4696
N1745 Y-1.7899 Z-1.437
N1750 Y-1.7615 Z-1.3991
N1755 Y-1.7399 Z-1.3569
N1760 Y-1.7256 Z-1.3117
N1765 Y-1.7191 Z-1.2647
N1770 Y-1.7188 Z-1.25
N1775 Z-1.
N1780 Y-1.7227 Z-.9721
N1785 Y-1.7344 Z-.9464
N1790 Y-1.7527 Z-.9249
N1795 Y-1.7763 Z-.9095
N1800 Y-1.8033 Z-.9012
N1805 Y-1.8188 Z-.9
N1810 G40 Y-1.8688
N1815 G0 X1.
N1820  M6
N1825 S1850 M3 T3
N1830 G0 G56 X-.5 Y-2.
N1835 Z-1. M8
N1840 G0 Z-.1
N1845 G1 X-.5 Y-2. Z.225 F60
N1850 G4 X2.
N1855 G1 X-.5 Z-.1 F1600
N1860 G0 Y-2.45
N1865 G1 Z.225 F60
N1870 G4 X2.
N1875 G1 X-.5 Z-.1 F1600
N1880 G0 Y-2.9
N1885 G1 Z.225 F60
N1890 G4 X2.
N1895 G1 X-.5 Z-.1 F1600
N1900 G0 X-1.25
N1905 G1 Z.225 F60
N1910 G4 X2.
N1915 G1 X-1.25 Z-.1 F1600
N1920 G0 Y-2.45
N1925 G1 Z.225 F60
N1930 G4 X2.
N1935 G1 X-1.25 Z-.1 F1600
N1940 G0 Y-2.
N1945 G1 Z.225 F60
N1950 G4 X2.
N1955 G1 X-1.25 Z-.1 F1600
N1960 G0 Z-1.
N1965 G57 X-.5 Y-2.25
N1970 Z-1.5
N1975 G0 X-.1 Y-2.25
N1980 G1 X.15 Z-1.5 F60
N1985 G4 X2.
N1990 G1 X-.1 F1600
N1995 G0 Y-1.625
N2000 G1 X.15 F60
N2005 G4 X2.
N2010 G1 X-.1 F1600
N2015 G0 Y-1.
N2020 G1 X.15 F60
N2025 G4 X2.
N2030 G1 X-.1 F1600
N2035 G0 Z-.875
N2040 G1 X.15 F60
N2045 G4 X2.
N2050 G1 X-.1 F1600
N2055 G0 Y-1.625
N2060 G1 X.15 F60
N2065 G4 X2.
N2070 G1 X-.1 F1600
N2075 G0 Y-2.25
N2080 G1 X.15 F60
N2085 G4 X2.
N2090 G1 X-.1 F1600
N2095 G0 X-.5
(#7 DRILL .2010 DIAM.)
N2100  M6
N2105 S1950 M3
N2110 G0 G57 X-1. Y-2.25
N2115 Z-1.5 M8
N2120 G80
N2125 G0 Z-1.4
N2130 G83 X0. Y-2.25 Z-2.0604 Q.161 R-1.4 F50
N2135 Y-1.625
N2140 Y-1.
N2145 G80
N2150 G0 Z-.775
N2155 G83 X0. Y-1. Z-1.4354 Q.161 R-.775 F50
N2160 Y-1.625
N2165 Y-2.25
N2170 G80
N2175 G0 X-1.
N2180 Z-.875
N2185  M30

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