OKUMA OSP-P300M 3 axis milling center


Sample NC Program for this 3 Axis Milling Center post processor:

BLK FORM 0.1 Z X+0 Y+0 Z+0
BLK FORM 0.2 X 8 Y 4 Z 3
(PROGRAM   - 12345.TXT)
(DATE      - 08/10/20)
(TIME      - 12:01:41)
(PART NUM  - 12345)
(T="FACE_MILL_3_0000" MILLING D+3.15 LENGTH-L+2.)
(T="DRILL_0_2090__4" DRILLING D+.209 LENGTH-L+3.75)
(T="TAP_3-8_16" TAPPING D+.375 LENGTH-L+3.)
(T="REAM_0_2490" REAMING D+.249 LENGTH-L+5.)
(T="REAM_0_3740" REAMING D+.374 LENGTH-L+7.)
(T="BEM_0_2500" BALL MILL D+.5 LENGTH-L+4.)
N1 G116 T18
S1850 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X9.125 Y-2.225 Z3.18 F10. M08
G54 HA
Z2.18 F12.
X-1.7296 Y-2.221
X-1.783 Y-2.2091
X-1.8341 Y-2.1896
X-1.8819 Y-2.1628
X-1.9252 Y-2.1293
X-1.9632 Y-2.0899
X-1.9951 Y-2.0454
X-2.0201 Y-1.9967
X-2.0378 Y-1.9449
X-2.0477 Y-1.8911
X-2.0498 Y-1.8364
X-2.0438 Y-1.782
X-2.03 Y-1.7291
X-2.0086 Y-1.6787
X-1.9801 Y-1.6319
X-1.9451 Y-1.5898
X-1.9043 Y-1.5533
X-1.8587 Y-1.5231
X-1.8092 Y-1.4998
X-1.7567 Y-1.484
X-1.7026 Y-1.476
X-1.675 Y-1.475
N2 G116 T2
S2500 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X1. Y-3. Z3.2 F12. M08
G54 HA
G71 Z1.0
G81 X1. Y-3. Z2.07 R2.2 P2 F8. M53
G01 Z3.2 F12.
S1850 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
X1. M08
G54 HA
G71 Z1.0
G81 X1. Y-3. Z-.1 R2.2 F6. M53
G01 Z3.2 F12.
(#4 DRILL .2090 DIAM.)
N3 G116 T4
S1560 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X1. Y-3. Z3.4 F12. M08
G54 HA
G71 Z1.0
G83 X1. Y-3. Z.2872 R2.4 Q.1672 F4.5 M53
G01 Z3.4 F12.
(3/8-16 TAP)
N4 G116 T19
S600 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X1. Y-3. Z3.19 F12. M08
G54 HA
G71 Z1.0
G84 X1. Y-3. Z1.09 R2.19 P2 F.0625 M53
G01 Z3.19 F.02
(.249 REAM 3" FLUTE 5" REACH)
N5 G116 T6
S890 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X1. Y-3. Z3.6 F.0135 M08
G54 HA
G71 Z1.0
G85 X1. Y-3. Z.55 R2.6 P2 F20. M53
G01 Z3.6 F12.
(.374 REAM 4" FLUTE 7" REACH)
N6 G116 T7
S750 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X1. Y-3. Z3.7 F12. M08
G54 HA
G71 Z1.0
G81 X1. Y-3. Z.65 R2.7 F15. M53
G01 Z3.7 F12.
N7 G116 T8
S2500 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X-.3768 Y-3.5 Z3.8 F12. M08
G54 HA
Z2.8 F16.
X-.1188 Y-3.496
X-.0806 Y-3.4842
X-.0456 Y-3.465
X-.015 Y-3.4393
X.0098 Y-3.408
X.0279 Y-3.3724
X.0386 Y-3.3339
X.0414 Y-3.3
X.0454 Y-3.2602
X.0572 Y-3.2221
X.0764 Y-3.187
X.1022 Y-3.1565
X.1335 Y-3.1317
X.1691 Y-3.1136
X.2076 Y-3.1029
X.2414 Y-3.1
X2.5509 Y-3.104
X2.5891 Y-3.1158
X2.6242 Y-3.135
X2.6547 Y-3.1607
X2.6795 Y-3.192
X2.6976 Y-3.2276
X2.7083 Y-3.2661
X2.7112 Y-3.3
X2.7152 Y-3.3398
X2.727 Y-3.3779
X2.7462 Y-3.413
X2.7719 Y-3.4435
X2.8032 Y-3.4683
X2.8388 Y-3.4864
X2.8773 Y-3.4971
X2.9112 Y-3.5
X3.5074 Z2.804
X3.5399 Z2.8157
X3.5689 Z2.8346
X3.5928 Z2.8596
X3.6103 Z2.8895
X3.6205 Z2.9225
X3.6231 Z2.95
X3.627 Z2.9844
X3.6388 Z3.0169
X3.6577 Z3.0459
X3.6827 Z3.0697
X3.7125 Z3.0872
X3.7456 Z3.0975
X3.7731 Z3.1
X5.6121 Z3.096
X5.6446 Z3.0843
X5.6736 Z3.0654
X5.6974 Z3.0404
X5.7149 Z3.0105
X5.7252 Z2.9775
X5.7277 Z2.95
X5.7317 Z2.9156
X5.7434 Z2.8831
X5.7623 Z2.8541
X5.7873 Z2.8303
X5.8172 Z2.8128
X5.8502 Z2.8025
X5.8777 Z2.8
Y-3.0356 Z2.804
Y-3.0031 Z2.8157
Y-2.9741 Z2.8346
Y-2.9503 Z2.8596
Y-2.9328 Z2.8895
Y-2.9225 Z2.9225
Y-2.92 Z2.95
Y-2.916 Z2.9844
Y-2.9043 Z3.0169
Y-2.8854 Z3.0459
Y-2.8604 Z3.0697
Y-2.8305 Z3.0872
Y-2.7975 Z3.0975
Y-2.77 Z3.1
Y-1.8656 Z3.096
Y-1.8331 Z3.0843
Y-1.8041 Z3.0654
Y-1.7803 Z3.0404
Y-1.7628 Z3.0105
Y-1.7525 Z2.9775
Y-1.75 Z2.95
Y-1.746 Z2.9156
Y-1.7343 Z2.8831
Y-1.7154 Z2.8541
Y-1.6904 Z2.8303
Y-1.6605 Z2.8128
Y-1.6275 Z2.8025
Y-1.6 Z2.8
N8 G116 T9
S1950 M03
G56 HA
G90 G80 G17 G40 G00 G15 H1
G01 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z3.9 F16. M08
G54 HA
Z.7 F12.
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.7014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.7028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.7042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.7056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.7069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.7083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.7097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.7111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.7125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.7139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.7153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.7167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.7181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.7194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.7208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.7222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.7236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.725
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.7264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.7278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.7292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.7306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.7319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.7333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.7347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.7361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.7375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.7389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.7403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.7417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.7431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.7444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.7458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.7472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.7486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.75
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.7514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.7528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.7542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.7556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.7569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.7583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.7597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.7611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.7625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.7639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.7653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.7667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.7681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.7694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.7708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.7722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.7736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.775
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.7764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.7778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.7792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.7806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.7819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.7833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.7847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.7861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.7875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.7889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.7903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.7917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.7931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.7944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.7958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.7972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.7986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.8
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.8014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.8028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.8042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.8056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.8069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.8083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.8097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.8111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.8125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.8139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.8153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.8167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.8181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.8194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.8208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.8222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.8236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.825
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.8264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.8278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.8292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.8306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.8319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.8333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.8347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.8361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.8375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.8389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.8403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.8417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.8431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.8444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.8458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.8472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.8486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.85
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.8514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.8528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.8542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.8556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.8569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.8583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.8597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.8611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.8625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.8639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.8653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.8667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.8681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.8694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.8708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.8722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.8736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.875
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.8764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.8778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.8792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.8806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.8819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.8833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.8847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.8861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.8875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.8889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.8903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.8917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.8931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.8944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.8958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.8972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.8986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.9
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.9014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.9028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.9042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.9056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.9069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.9083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.9097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.9111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.9125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.9139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.9153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.9167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.9181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.9194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.9208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.9222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.9236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.925
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.9264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.9278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.9292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.9306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.9319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.9333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.9347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.9361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.9375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.9389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.9403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.9417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.9431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.9444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.9458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.9472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.9486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.95
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.9514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.9528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.9542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.9556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.9569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.9583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.9597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.9611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.9625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.9639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.9653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.9667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.9681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.9694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.9708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.9722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.9736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.975
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.9764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.9778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.9792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.9806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.9819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.9833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.9847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.9861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.9875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.9889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.9903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.9917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.9931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.9944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.9958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.9972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.9986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.0014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.0028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.0042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.0056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.0069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.0083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.0097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.0111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.0125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.0139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.0153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.0167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.0181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.0194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.0208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.0222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.0236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.025
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.0264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.0278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.0292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.0306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.0319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.0333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.0347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.0361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.0375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.0389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.0403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.0417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.0431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.0444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.0458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.0472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.0486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.05
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.0514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.0528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.0542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.0556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.0569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.0583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.0597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.0611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.0625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.0639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.0653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.0667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.0681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.0694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.0708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.0722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.0736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.075
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.0764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.0778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.0792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.0806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.0819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.0833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.0847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.0861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.0875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.0889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.0903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.0917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.0931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.0944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.0958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.0972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.0986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.1
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.1014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.1028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.1042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.1056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.1069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.1083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.1097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.1111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.1125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.1139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.1153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.1167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.1181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.1194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.1208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.1222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.1236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.125
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.1264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.1278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.1292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.1306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.1319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.1333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.1347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.1361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.1375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.1389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.1403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.1417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.1431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.1444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.1458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.1472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.1486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.15
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.1514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.1528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.1542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.1556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.1569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.1583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.1597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.1611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.1625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.1639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.1653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.1667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.1681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.1694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.1708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.1722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.1736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.175
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.1764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.1778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.1792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.1806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.1819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.1833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.1847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.1861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.1875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.1889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.1903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.1917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.1931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.1944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.1958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.1972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.1986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.2
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.2014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.2028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.2042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.2056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.2069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.2083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.2097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.2111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.2125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.2139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.2153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.2167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.2181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.2194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.2208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.2222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.2236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.225
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.2264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.2278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.2292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.2306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.2319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.2333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.2347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.2361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.2375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.2389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.2403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.2417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.2431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.2444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.2458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.2472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.2486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.25
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.2514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.2528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.2542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.2556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.2569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.2583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.2597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.2611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.2625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.2639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.2653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.2667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.2681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.2694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.2708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.2722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.2736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.275
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.2764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.2778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.2792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.2806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.2819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.2833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.2847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.2861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.2875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.2889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.2903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.2917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.2931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.2944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.2958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.2972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.2986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.3
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.3014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.3028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.3042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.3056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.3069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.3083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.3097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.3111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.3125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.3139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.3153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.3167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.3181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.3194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.3208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.3222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.3236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.325
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.3264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.3278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.3292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.3306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.3319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.3333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.3347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.3361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.3375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.3389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.3403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.3417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.3431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.3444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.3458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.3472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.3486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.35
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.3514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.3528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.3542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.3556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.3569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.3583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.3597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.3611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.3625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.3639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.3653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.3667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.3681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.3694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.3708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.3722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.3736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.375
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.3764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.3778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.3792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.3806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.3819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.3833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.3847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.3861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.3875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.3889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.3903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.3917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.3931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.3944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.3958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.3972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.3986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.4
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.4014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.4028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.4042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.4056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.4069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.4083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.4097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.4111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.4125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.4139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.4153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.4167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.4181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.4194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.4208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.4222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.4236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.425
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.4264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.4278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.4292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.4306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.4319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.4333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.4347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.4361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.4375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.4389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.4403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.4417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.4431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.4444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.4458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.4472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.4486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.45
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.4514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.4528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.4542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.4556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.4569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.4583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.4597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.4611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.4625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.4639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.4653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.4667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.4681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.4694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.4708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.4722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.4736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.475
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.4764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.4778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.4792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.4806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.4819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.4833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.4847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.4861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.4875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.4889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.4903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.4917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.4931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.4944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.4958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.4972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.4986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.5
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.5014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.5028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.5042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.5056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.5069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.5083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.5097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.5111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.5125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.5139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.5153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.5167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.5181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.5194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.5208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.5222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.5236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.525
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.5264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.5278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.5292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.5306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.5319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.5333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.5347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.5361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.5375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.5389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.5403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.5417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.5431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.5444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.5458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.5472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.5486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.55
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.5514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.5528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.5542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.5556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.5569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.5583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.5597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.5611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.5625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.5639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.5653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.5667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.5681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.5694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.5708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.5722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.5736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.575
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.5764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.5778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.5792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.5806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.5819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.5833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.5847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.5861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.5875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.5889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.5903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.5917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.5931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.5944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.5958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.5972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.5986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.6
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.6014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.6028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.6042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.6056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.6069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.6083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.6097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.6111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.6125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.6139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.6153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.6167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.6181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.6194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.6208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.6222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.6236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.625
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.6264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.6278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.6292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.6306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.6319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.6333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.6347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.6361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.6375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.6389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.6403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.6417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.6431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.6444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.6458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.6472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.6486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.65
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.6514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.6528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.6542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.6556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.6569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.6583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.6597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.6611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.6625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.6639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.6653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.6667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.6681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.6694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.6708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.6722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.6736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.675
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.6764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.6778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.6792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.6806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.6819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.6833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.6847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.6861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.6875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.6889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.6903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.6917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.6931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.6944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.6958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.6972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.6986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.7
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.7014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.7028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.7042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.7056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.7069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.7083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.7097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.7111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.7125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.7139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.7153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.7167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.7181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.7194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.7208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.7222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.7236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.725
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.7264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.7278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.7292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.7306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.7319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.7333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.7347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.7361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.7375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.7389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.7403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.7417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.7431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.7444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.7458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.7472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.7486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.75
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.7514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.7528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.7542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.7556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.7569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.7583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.7597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.7611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.7625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.7639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.7653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.7667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.7681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.7694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.7708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.7722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.7736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.775
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.7764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.7778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.7792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.7806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.7819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.7833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.7847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.7861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.7875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.7889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.7903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.7917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.7931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.7944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.7958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.7972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.7986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.8
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.8014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.8028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.8042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.8056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.8069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.8083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.8097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.8111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.8125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.8139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.8153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.8167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.8181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.8194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.8208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.8222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.8236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.825
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.8264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.8278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.8292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.8306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.8319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.8333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.8347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.8361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.8375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.8389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.8403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.8417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.8431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.8444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.8458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.8472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.8486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.85
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.8514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.8528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.8542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.8556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.8569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.8583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.8597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.8611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.8625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.8639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.8653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.8667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.8681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.8694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.8708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.8722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.8736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.875
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.8764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.8778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.8792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.8806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.8819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.8833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.8847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.8861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.8875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.8889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.8903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.8917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.8931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.8944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.8958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.8972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.8986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.9
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.9014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.9028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.9042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.9056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.9069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.9083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.9097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.9111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.9125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.9139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.9153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.9167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.9181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.9194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.9208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.9222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.9236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.925
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.9264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.9278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.9292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.9306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.9319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.9333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.9347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.9361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.9375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.9389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.9403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.9417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.9431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.9444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.9458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.9472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.9486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.95
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.9514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.9528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.9542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.9556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.9569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.9583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.9597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.9611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.9625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.9639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.9653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.9667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.9681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.9694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.9708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.9722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.9736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.975
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.9764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.9778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.9792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.9806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.9819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.9833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.9847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.9861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.9875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.9889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.9903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.9917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.9931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.9944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.9958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.9972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.9986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.0014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.0028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.0042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.0056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.0069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.0083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.0097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.0111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.0125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.0139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.0153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.0167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.0181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.0194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.0208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.0222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.0236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.025
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.0264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.0278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.0292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.0306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.0319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.0333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.0347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.0361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.0375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.0389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.0403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.0417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.0431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.0444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.0458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.0472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.0486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.05
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.0514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.0528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.0542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.0556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.0569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.0583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.0597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.0611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.0625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.0639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.0653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.0667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.0681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.0694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.0708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.0722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.0736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.075
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.0764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.0778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.0792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.0806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.0819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.0833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.0847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.0861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.0875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.0889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.0903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.0917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.0931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.0944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.0958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.0972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.0986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.1
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.1014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.1028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.1042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.1056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.1069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.1083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.1097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.1111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.1125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.1139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.1153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.1167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.1181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.1194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.1208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.1222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.1236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.125
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.1264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.1278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.1292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.1306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.1319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.1333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.1347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.1361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.1375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.1389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.1403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.1417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.1431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.1444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.1458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.1472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.1486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.15
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.1514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.1528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.1542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.1556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.1569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.1583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.1597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.1611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.1625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.1639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.1653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.1667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.1681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.1694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.1708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.1722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.1736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.175
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.1764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.1778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.1792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.1806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.1819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.1833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.1847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.1861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.1875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.1889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.1903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.1917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.1931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.1944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.1958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.1972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.1986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.2
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.2014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.2028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.2042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.2056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.2069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.2083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.2097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.2111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.2125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.2139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.2153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.2167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.2181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.2194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.2208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.2222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.2236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.225
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.2264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.2278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.2292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.2306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.2319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.2333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.2347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.2361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.2375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.2389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.2403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.2417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.2431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.2444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.2458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.2472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.2486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.25
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.2514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.2528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.2542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.2556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.2569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.2583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.2597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.2611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.2625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.2639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.2653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.2667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.2681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.2694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.2708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.2722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.2736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.275
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.2764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.2778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.2792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.2806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.2819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.2833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.2847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.2861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.2875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.2889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.2903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.2917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.2931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.2944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.2958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.2972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.2986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.3
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.3014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.3028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.3042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.3056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.3069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.3083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.3097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.3111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.3125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.3139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.3153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.3167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.3181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.3194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.3208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.3222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.3236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.325
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.3264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.3278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.3292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.3306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.3319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.3333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.3347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.3361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.3375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.3389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.3403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.3417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.3431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.3444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.3458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.3472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.3486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.35
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.3514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.3528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.3542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.3556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.3569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.3583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.3597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.3611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.3625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.3639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.3653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.3667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.3681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.3694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.3708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.3722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.3736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.375
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.3764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.3778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.3792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.3806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.3819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.3833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.3847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.3861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.3875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.3889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.3903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.3917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.3931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.3944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.3958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.3972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.3986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.4
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.4014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.4028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.4042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.4056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.4069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.4083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.4097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.4111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.4125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.4139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.4153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.4167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.4181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.4194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.4208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.4222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.4236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.425
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.4264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.4278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.4292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.4306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.4319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.4333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.4347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.4361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.4375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.4389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.4403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.4417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.4431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.4444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.4458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.4472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.4486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.45
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.4514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.4528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.4542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.4556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.4569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.4583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.4597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.4611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.4625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.4639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.4653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.4667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.4681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.4694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.4708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.4722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.4736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.475
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.4764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.4778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.4792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.4806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.4819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.4833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.4847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.4861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.4875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.4889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.4903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.4917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.4931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.4944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.4958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.4972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.4986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.5
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.5014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.5028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.5042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.5056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.5069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.5083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.5097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.5111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.5125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.5139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.5153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.5167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.5181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.5194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.5208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.5222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.5236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.525
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.5264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.5278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.5292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.5306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.5319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.5333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.5347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.5361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.5375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.5389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.5403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.5417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.5431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.5444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.5458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.5472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.5486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.55
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.5514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.5528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.5542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.5556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.5569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.5583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.5597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.5611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.5625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.5639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.5653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.5667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.5681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.5694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.5708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.5722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.5736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.575
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.5764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.5778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.5792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.5806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.5819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.5833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.5847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.5861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.5875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.5889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.5903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.5917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.5931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.5944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.5958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.5972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.5986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.6
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.6014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.6028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.6042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.6056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.6069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.6083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.6097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.6111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.6125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.6139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.6153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.6167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.6181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.6194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.6208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.6222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.6236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.625
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.6264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.6278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.6292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.6306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.6319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.6333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.6347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.6361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.6375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.6389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.6403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.6417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.6431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.6444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.6458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.6472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.6486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.65
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.6514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.6528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.6542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.6556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.6569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.6583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.6597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.6611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.6625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.6639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.6653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.6667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.6681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.6694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.6708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.6722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.6736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.675
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.6764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.6778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.6792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.6806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.6819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.6833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.6847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.6861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.6875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.6889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.6903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.6917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.6931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.6944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.6958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.6972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.6986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.7
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.7014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.7028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.7042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.7056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.7069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.7083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.7097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.7111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.7125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.7139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.7153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.7167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.7181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.7194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.7208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.7222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.7236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.725
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.7264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.7278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.7292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.7306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.7319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.7333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.7347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.7361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.7375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.7389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.7403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.7417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.7431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.7444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.7458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.7472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.7486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.75
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.7514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.7528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.7542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.7556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.7569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.7583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.7597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.7611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.7625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.7639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.7653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.7667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.7681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.7694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.7708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.7722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.7736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.775
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.7764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.7778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.7792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.7806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.7819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.7833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.7847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.7861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.7875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.7889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.7903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.7917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.7931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.7944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.7958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.7972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.7986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.8
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.8014
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.8028
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.8042
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.8056
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.8069
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.8083
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.8097
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.8111
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.8125
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.8139
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.8153
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.8167
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.8181
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.8194
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.8208
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.8222
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.8236
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.825
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.8264
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.8278
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.8292
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.8306
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.8319
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.8333
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.8347
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.8361
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.8375
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.8389
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.8403
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.8417
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.8431
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.8444
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.8458
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.8472
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.8486
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.85
X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.8514
X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.8528
X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.8542
X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.8556
X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.8569
X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.8583
X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.8597
X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.8611
X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.8625
X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.8639
X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.8653
X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.8667
X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.8681
X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.8694
X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.8708
X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.8722
X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.8736
X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.875
X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.8764
X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.8778
X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.8792
X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.8806
X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.8819
X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.8833
X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.8847
X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.8861
X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.8875
X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.8889
X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.8903
X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.8917
X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.8931
X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.8944
X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.8958
X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.8972
X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.8986
X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.9
G30 P30

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