Mori-Seiki Moric-D6F - Mill/Turn Post


Sample NC Program for this 5 Axis Mill-Turn Center post processor:

O0010 (op010)
(T2 - .250 SPOT DRILL)
(T3 - .150 DIA DRILL)
(T6 - .375 ENDMILL)
(T12 - .277 DRILL)
(T501 - .0625 TURN DRILL)
N10  G00 G30 U0 W0
N20  G99 M46
N30  G40 G54
N40  G18 G113
N50  G107 C0
N60  G18 U0 W0
N70  G50 S2500
N80 M105
N90 T0404
N100 G50 S2200
N110 G96 S1400 M03
N120 G00 X7.9576 Z.8776
N130 G99
N140 G01 X3.9576 F.05
N150 G02 X3.5576 Z.4776 F.008 R.2
N160 G03 X3.1576 Z.0776 M08 R.2
N170 G01 X3.0316
N180 Z-2.1
N190 X3.1436
N200 G00 Z.0776
N210 G01 X2.9858
N220 Z-2.1
N230 X3.0976
N240 G00 Z.0776
N250 G01 X2.94
N260 Z-2.1
N270 X3.4976
N280 X5.4976 F.05 M09
N290 X10.1564 Z15.2866
N300 G00 G30 U0 W0 T0400
N310 M01
(TOOL 501 OFFSET 501)
N320 T0601
N330 G97 S1100 M03
N340 G00 X0. Z11.9 M08
N350 G98
N360 G87 X0. Z-.55 F6.5
N370 G80
N380 G00 Z11.9
N390 Z0.
N400 M05
N410 G00 G30 U0 W0 T0100
N420 M01
(.375 ENDMILL)
N430 T0606 M45
N440 G97 S2500 M13
N450 G00 X3.5796 Z5.95 C-257.905 M08
N460 Z.95
N470 G01 Z-.05 F41.
N480 X3.7268 C-258.641 F200.
N490 X3.8628 C-259.758 F200.
N500 X3.9828 C-261.184 F200.
N510 X4.0836 C-262.853 F200.
N520 X4.162 C-264.706 F200.
N530 X4.2164 C-266.687 F200.
N540 X4.2452 C-268.746 F200.
N550 X4.248 C-270.833 F200.
N560 X4.2244 C-272.901 F200.
N570 X4.1748 C-274.902 F200.
N580 X4.1012 C-276.785 F200.
N590 X4.0048 C-278.496 F200.
N600 X3.8884 C-279.976 F200.
N610 X3.7556 C-281.161 F200.
N620 X3.61 C-281.98 F200.
N630 X3.4572 C-282.357 F200.
N640 X3.3024 C-282.217 F200.
N650 X3.1532 C-281.49 F200.
N660 X3.0172 C-280.13 F200.
N670 X2.9016 C-278.136 F200.
N680 X2.8148 C-275.568 F200.
N690 X2.7632 C-272.572 F200.
N700 X2.7508 C-269.366 F200.
N710 X2.7788 C-266.213 F200.
N720 X2.8452 C-263.363 F200.
N730 X2.944 C-261.007 F200.
N740 X3.0684 C-259.259 F200.
N750 X3.2108 C-258.151 F200.
N760 X3.3628 C-257.662 F200.
N770 X3.5176 C-257.733 F200.
N780 X3.5796 C-257.905 F200.
N790 X3.7268 Z-.0508 C-258.641 F200.
N800 X3.8628 Z-.0516 C-259.758 F200.
N810 X3.9828 Z-.0525 C-261.184 F200.
N820 X4.0836 Z-.0533 C-262.853 F200.
N830 X4.162 Z-.0541 C-264.706 F200.
N840 X4.2164 Z-.0549 C-266.687 F200.
N850 X4.2452 Z-.0557 C-268.746 F200.
N860 X4.248 Z-.0566 C-270.833 F200.
N870 X4.2244 Z-.0574 C-272.901 F200.
N880 X4.1748 Z-.0582 C-274.902 F200.
N890 X4.1012 Z-.059 C-276.785 F200.
N900 X4.0048 Z-.0598 C-278.496 F200.
N910 X3.8884 Z-.0607 C-279.976 F200.
N920 X3.7556 Z-.0615 C-281.161 F200.
N930 X3.61 Z-.0623 C-281.98 F200.
N940 X3.5796 Z-.0625 C-282.095 F200.
N950 X3.4256 Z-.0633 C-282.373 F200.
N960 X3.2716 Z-.0641 C-282.119 F200.
N970 X3.1244 Z-.0649 C-281.266 F200.
N980 X2.9916 Z-.0657 C-279.777 F200.
N990 X2.8816 Z-.0666 C-277.659 F200.
N1000 X2.8012 Z-.0674 C-274.99 F200.
N1010 X2.7572 Z-.0682 C-271.932 F200.
N1020 X2.7532 Z-.069 C-268.715 F200.
N1030 X2.7892 Z-.0698 C-265.604 F200.
N1040 X2.8624 Z-.0706 C-262.841 F200.
N1050 X2.9672 Z-.0715 C-260.602 F200.
N1060 X3.096 Z-.0723 C-258.983 F200.
N1070 X3.2412 Z-.0731 C-258.004 F200.
N1080 X3.3944 Z-.0739 C-257.633 F200.
N1090 X3.5488 Z-.0747 C-257.81 F200.
N1100 X3.5796 Z-.0749 C-257.905 F200.
N1110 X3.7268 Z-.0757 C-258.641 F200.
N1120 X3.8628 Z-.0766 C-259.758 F200.
N1130 X3.9828 Z-.0774 C-261.184 F200.
N1140 X4.0836 Z-.0782 C-262.853 F200.
N1150 X4.162 Z-.079 C-264.706 F200.
N1160 X4.2164 Z-.0799 C-266.687 F200.
N1170 X4.2452 Z-.0807 C-268.746 F200.
N1180 X4.248 Z-.0815 C-270.833 F200.
N1190 X4.2244 Z-.0823 C-272.901 F200.
N1200 X4.1748 Z-.0832 C-274.902 F200.
N1210 X4.1012 Z-.084 C-276.785 F200.
N1220 X4.0048 Z-.0848 C-278.496 F200.
N1230 X3.8884 Z-.0856 C-279.976 F200.
N1240 X3.7556 Z-.0865 C-281.161 F200.
N1250 X3.61 Z-.0873 C-281.98 F200.
N1260 X3.5796 Z-.0874 C-282.095 F200.
N1270 X3.4256 Z-.0883 C-282.373 F200.
N1280 X3.2716 Z-.0891 C-282.119 F200.
N1290 X3.1244 Z-.0899 C-281.266 F200.
N1300 X2.9916 Z-.0907 C-279.777 F200.
N1310 X2.8816 Z-.0916 C-277.659 F200.
N1320 X2.8012 Z-.0924 C-274.99 F200.
N1330 X2.7572 Z-.0932 C-271.932 F200.
N1340 X2.7532 Z-.0941 C-268.715 F200.
N1350 X2.7892 Z-.0949 C-265.604 F200.
N1360 X2.8624 Z-.0957 C-262.841 F200.
N1370 X2.9672 Z-.0965 C-260.602 F200.
N1380 X3.096 Z-.0974 C-258.983 F200.
N1390 X3.2412 Z-.0982 C-258.004 F200.
N1400 X3.3944 Z-.099 C-257.633 F200.
N1410 X3.5488 Z-.0998 C-257.81 F200.
N1420 X3.5796 Z-.1 C-257.905 F200.
N1430 X3.7268 C-258.641 F200.
N1440 X3.8628 C-259.758 F200.
N1450 X3.9828 C-261.184 F200.
N1460 X4.0836 C-262.853 F200.
N1470 X4.162 C-264.706 F200.
N1480 X4.2164 C-266.687 F200.
N1490 X4.2452 C-268.746 F200.
N1500 X4.248 C-270.833 F200.
N1510 X4.2244 C-272.901 F200.
N1520 X4.1748 C-274.902 F200.
N1530 X4.1012 C-276.785 F200.
N1540 X4.0048 C-278.496 F200.
N1550 X3.8884 C-279.976 F200.
N1560 X3.7556 C-281.161 F200.
N1570 X3.61 C-281.98 F200.
N1580 X3.4572 C-282.357 F200.
N1590 X3.3024 C-282.217 F200.
N1600 X3.1532 C-281.49 F200.
N1610 X3.0172 C-280.13 F200.
N1620 X2.9016 C-278.136 F200.
N1630 X2.8148 C-275.568 F200.
N1640 X2.7632 C-272.572 F200.
N1650 X2.7508 C-269.366 F200.
N1660 X2.7788 C-266.213 F200.
N1670 X2.8452 C-263.363 F200.
N1680 X2.944 C-261.007 F200.
N1690 X3.0684 C-259.259 F200.
N1700 X3.2108 C-258.151 F200.
N1710 X3.3628 C-257.662 F200.
N1720 X3.5176 C-257.733 F200.
N1730 X3.5796 C-257.905 F200.
N1740 G98
N1750 G01 Z5.95 F41.
N1760 G00 X18.0856 Z-.3625 C-340.
N1770 X10.0856
N1780 G01 X6.0856
N1790 X6.0876 Z-.3665 C-338.551 F200.
N1800 X6.0928 Z-.3783 C-337.166 F200.
N1810 X6.1012 Z-.3974 C-335.904 F200.
N1820 X6.1104 Z-.423 C-334.82 F200.
N1830 X6.1196 Z-.454 C-333.957 F200.
N1840 X6.1268 Z-.4891 C-333.352 F200.
N1850 X6.1308 Z-.5268 C-333.028 F200.
N1860 X6.1312 Z-.5654 C-332.998 F200.
N1870 X6.1276 Z-.6034 C-333.263 F200.
N1880 X6.1212 Z-.6392 C-333.813 F200.
N1890 X6.1124 Z-.6711 C-334.626 F200.
N1900 X6.1028 Z-.6979 C-335.669 F200.
N1910 X6.0944 Z-.7184 C-336.899 F200.
N1920 X6.0884 Z-.7317 C-338.264 F200.
N1930 X6.0856 Z-.7373 C-339.705 F200.
N1940 X6.0868 Z-.735 C-341.158 F200.
N1950 X6.0916 Z-.7247 C-342.562 F200.
N1960 X6.0992 Z-.707 C-343.853 F200.
N1970 X6.1084 Z-.6827 C-344.978 F200.
N1980 X6.1176 Z-.6527 C-345.888 F200.
N1990 X6.1256 Z-.6183 C-346.548 F200.
N2000 X6.1304 Z-.581 C-346.93 F200.
N2010 X6.1316 Z-.5424 C-347.02 F200.
N2020 X6.1288 Z-.5041 C-346.814 F200.
N2030 X6.1228 Z-.4678 C-346.321 F200.
N2040 X6.1144 Z-.435 C-345.559 F200.
N2050 X6.1048 Z-.407 C-344.559 F200.
N2060 X6.096 Z-.3852 C-343.363 F200.
N2070 X6.0892 Z-.3703 C-342.02 F200.
N2080 X6.0856 Z-.3632 C-340.59 F200.
N2090 Z-.3625 C-340. F200.
N2100 X6.0876 Z-.3727 C-338.551 F200.
N2110 X6.0928 C-337.166 F200.
N2120 X6.1012 C-335.904 F200.
N2130 X6.1104 C-334.82 F200.
N2140 X6.1196 C-333.957 F200.
N2150 X6.1268 C-333.352 F200.
N2160 X6.1308 C-333.028 F200.
N2170 X6.1312 C-332.998 F200.
N2180 X6.1276 C-333.263 F200.
N2190 X6.1212 C-333.813 F172.056
N2200 X6.1124 C-334.626 F147.669
N2210 X6.1028 C-335.669 F131.101
N2220 X6.0944 C-336.899 F119.861
N2230 X6.0884 C-338.264 F112.52
N2240 X6.0856 C-339.705 F108.258
N2250 Z-.3828 C-340. F112.013
N2260 X6.0208 Z-.3912 C-341.465 F110.077
N2270 X6.0264 C-342.865 F113.49
N2280 X6.0348 C-344.141 F117.88
N2290 X6.044 C-345.237 F125.658
N2300 X6.0532 C-346.109 F137.743
N2310 X6.0604 C-346.721 F155.823
N2320 X6.0648 C-347.049 F182.89
N2330 X6.0652 C-347.079 F200.
N2340 X6.0616 C-346.811 F200.
N2350 X6.0548 C-346.255 F200.
N2360 X6.046 C-345.433 F200.
N2370 X6.0364 C-344.379 F200.
N2380 X6.028 C-343.135 F200.
N2390 X6.0216 C-341.755 F200.
N2400 X6.0192 C-340.299 F200.
N2410 X6.0188 Z-.3976 C-340. F200.
N2420 X5.9544 Z-.4059 C-338.519 F200.
N2430 X5.96 C-337.103 F200.
N2440 X5.9684 C-335.813 F200.
N2450 X5.978 C-334.704 F200.
N2460 X5.9872 C-333.823 F200.
N2470 X5.9944 C-333.204 F200.
N2480 X5.9988 C-332.873 F200.
N2490 X5.9992 C-332.843 F200.
N2500 X5.9956 C-333.114 F200.
N2510 X5.9888 C-333.676 F199.956
N2520 X5.98 C-334.506 F167.762
N2530 X5.9704 C-335.572 F146.689
N2540 X5.9616 C-336.83 F132.751
N2550 X5.9552 C-338.225 F123.81
N2560 X5.9524 C-339.698 F118.668
N2570 Z-.4161 C-340. F123.212
N2580 X5.888 Z-.4244 C-341.498 F120.857
N2590 X5.8936 C-342.93 F124.978
N2600 X5.902 C-344.234 F130.331
N2610 X5.9116 C-345.355 F139.901
N2620 X5.9212 C-346.246 F155.057
N2630 X5.9284 C-346.872 F178.357
N2640 X5.9328 C-347.206 F200.
N2650 X5.9332 C-347.237 F200.
N2660 X5.9296 C-346.963 F200.
N2670 X5.9228 C-346.395 F200.
N2680 X5.9136 C-345.555 F200.
N2690 X5.904 C-344.477 F200.
N2700 X5.8952 C-343.206 F200.
N2710 X5.8888 C-341.795 F200.
N2720 X5.886 C-340.305 F200.
N2730 Z-.4309 C-340. F200.
N2740 X5.8216 Z-.4393 C-338.485 F200.
N2750 X5.8272 C-337.037 F200.
N2760 X5.8356 C-335.718 F200.
N2770 X5.8456 C-334.584 F200.
N2780 X5.8548 C-333.683 F200.
N2790 X5.8624 C-333.051 F200.
N2800 X5.8668 C-332.712 F200.
N2810 X5.8672 C-332.681 F200.
N2820 X5.8636 C-332.958 F200.
N2830 X5.8568 C-333.532 F200.
N2840 X5.8476 C-334.382 F194.195
N2850 X5.8376 C-335.472 F166.512
N2860 X5.8288 C-336.758 F148.782
N2870 X5.8224 C-338.185 F137.636
N2880 X5.8196 C-339.691 F131.314
N2890 Z-.4495 C-340. F136.928
N2900 X5.7544 Z-.4579 C-341.532 F134.013
N2910 X5.7604 C-342.998 F139.136
N2920 X5.7688 C-344.332 F145.814
N2930 X5.7788 C-345.479 F157.898
N2940 X5.7884 C-346.39 F177.495
N2950 X5.796 C-347.029 F200.
N2960 X5.8004 C-347.372 F200.
N2970 X5.8008 C-347.403 F200.
N2980 X5.7972 C-347.123 F200.
N2990 X5.7904 C-346.542 F200.
N3000 X5.7808 C-345.683 F200.
N3010 X5.7708 C-344.581 F200.
N3020 X5.762 C-343.28 F200.
N3030 X5.7556 C-341.836 F200.
N3040 X5.7524 C-340.312 F200.
N3050 Z-.4644 C-340. F200.
N3060 X5.6876 Z-.3665 C-338.45 F200.
N3070 X5.6936 Z-.3783 C-336.967 F200.
N3080 X5.702 Z-.3974 C-335.617 F200.
N3090 X5.712 Z-.423 C-334.457 F200.
N3100 X5.722 Z-.454 C-333.535 F200.
N3110 X5.7296 Z-.4891 C-332.889 F200.
N3120 X5.734 Z-.5268 C-332.542 F200.
N3130 X5.7344 Z-.5654 C-332.51 F200.
N3140 X5.7308 Z-.6034 C-332.794 F200.
N3150 X5.7236 Z-.6392 C-333.381 F200.
N3160 X5.7144 Z-.6711 C-334.25 F200.
N3170 X5.704 Z-.6979 C-335.365 F200.
N3180 X5.6952 Z-.7184 C-336.681 F200.
N3190 X5.6884 Z-.7317 C-338.142 F200.
N3200 X5.6856 Z-.7373 C-339.684 F200.
N3210 X5.6868 Z-.735 C-341.24 F200.
N3220 X5.692 Z-.7247 C-342.741 F200.
N3230 X5.7004 Z-.707 C-344.123 F200.
N3240 X5.71 Z-.6827 C-345.326 F200.
N3250 X5.72 Z-.6527 C-346.299 F200.
N3260 X5.7284 Z-.6183 C-347.004 F200.
N3270 X5.7332 Z-.581 C-347.413 F200.
N3280 X5.7348 Z-.5424 C-347.509 F200.
N3290 X5.7316 Z-.5041 C-347.289 F200.
N3300 X5.7252 Z-.4678 C-346.761 F200.
N3310 X5.7164 Z-.435 C-345.947 F200.
N3320 X5.706 Z-.407 C-344.878 F200.
N3330 X5.6968 Z-.3852 C-343.599 F200.
N3340 X5.6896 Z-.3703 C-342.162 F200.
N3350 X5.686 Z-.3632 C-340.632 F200.
N3360 X5.6856 Z-.3625 C-340. F200.
N3370 G98
N3380 G01 X8. F41.
N3390 G00 X14. Z-.05 C-247.5
N3400 X9.8
N3410 G01 X5.8
N3420 C-251.518 F200.
N3430 C-255.536 F200.
N3440 C-259.554 F200.
N3450 C-263.571 F200.
N3460 C-267.589 F200.
N3470 C-271.607 F200.
N3480 C-275.625 F200.
N3490 C-279.643 F200.
N3500 C-283.661 F200.
N3510 C-287.679 F200.
N3520 C-291.696 F200.
N3530 C-292.5 F200.
N3540 G98
N3550 G01 Z-.55 F41.
N3560 C-288.75 F200.
N3570 C-285. F200.
N3580 C-281.25 F200.
N3590 C-277.5 F200.
N3600 C-273.75 F200.
N3610 C-270. F200.
N3620 C-266.25 F200.
N3630 C-262.5 F200.
N3640 C-258.75 F200.
N3650 C-255. F200.
N3660 C-251.25 F200.
N3670 C-247.5 F200.
N3680 G98
N3690 G01 Z-.05 F41.
N3700 Z-.0625 C-249.431 F200.
N3710 Z-.0565 C-251.016 F200.
N3720 Z-.0527 C-254.631 F200.
N3730 Z-.0511 C-258.742 F200.
N3740 Z-.0504 C-262.979 F200.
N3750 Z-.0502 C-266.812 F200.
N3760 Z-.0501 C-270.19 F200.
N3770 Z-.0502 C-273.235 F200.
N3780 Z-.0504 C-276.704 F200.
N3790 Z-.051 C-280.82 F200.
N3800 Z-.0524 C-284.912 F200.
N3810 Z-.0556 C-288.466 F200.
N3820 Z-.062 C-290.476 F200.
N3830 Z-.0698 C-291.271 F200.
N3840 Z-.0782 C-291.631 F200.
N3850 Z-.0951 C-291.942 F200.
N3860 Z-.1291 C-292.173 F200.
N3870 Z-.2354 C-292.322 F200.
N3880 Z-.4213 C-292.251 F200.
N3890 Z-.4851 C-292.036 F200.
N3900 Z-.5108 C-291.75 F200.
N3910 Z-.5226 C-291.431 F200.
N3920 Z-.5313 C-290.944 F200.
N3930 Z-.5389 C-289.904 F200.
N3940 Z-.5443 C-287.726 F200.
N3950 Z-.5473 C-283.691 F200.
N3960 Z-.5484 C-279.711 F200.
N3970 Z-.5489 C-275.894 F200.
N3980 Z-.5491 C-272.64 F200.
N3990 C-269.809 F200.
N4000 Z-.549 C-265.68 F200.
N4010 Z-.5486 C-261.495 F200.
N4020 Z-.5477 C-257.372 F200.
N4030 Z-.5457 C-253.64 F200.
N4040 Z-.5411 C-250.701 F200.
N4050 Z-.534 C-249.322 F200.
N4060 Z-.5263 C-248.75 F200.
N4070 Z-.5136 C-248.305 F200.
N4080 Z-.4909 C-248. F200.
N4090 Z-.439 C-247.782 F200.
N4100 Z-.2758 C-247.669 F200.
N4110 Z-.1421 C-247.788 F200.
N4120 Z-.1031 C-247.971 F200.
N4130 Z-.0807 C-248.302 F200.
N4140 Z-.071 C-248.675 F200.
N4150 Z-.0642 C-249.204 F200.
N4160 Z-.0625 C-249.431 F200.
N4170 X5.7944 Z-.0757 C-251.985 F200.
N4180 X5.8 Z-.0888 C-254.54 F200.
N4190 Z-.0755 C-256.504 F200.
N4200 Z-.0644 C-259.253 F200.
N4210 Z-.0572 C-262.394 F200.
N4220 Z-.0527 C-266.172 F200.
N4230 Z-.0514 C-270.155 F200.
N4240 Z-.0527 C-273.859 F200.
N4250 Z-.0567 C-277.343 F200.
N4260 Z-.0626 C-280.163 F200.
N4270 Z-.0714 C-282.653 F200.
N4280 Z-.0839 C-284.828 F200.
N4290 Z-.0999 C-286.535 F200.
N4300 Z-.1167 C-287.669 F200.
N4310 Z-.1363 C-288.511 F200.
N4320 Z-.1618 C-289.199 F200.
N4330 Z-.1927 C-289.691 F200.
N4340 Z-.2287 C-289.999 F200.
N4350 Z-.2793 C-290.153 F200.
N4360 Z-.3337 C-290.047 F200.
N4370 Z-.3803 C-289.708 F200.
N4380 Z-.4149 C-289.219 F200.
N4390 Z-.4393 C-288.666 F200.
N4400 Z-.4638 C-287.802 F200.
N4410 Z-.4818 C-286.809 F200.
N4420 Z-.4984 C-285.399 F200.
N4430 Z-.5113 C-283.683 F200.
N4440 Z-.5213 C-281.626 F200.
N4450 Z-.5307 C-278.281 F200.
N4460 Z-.5359 C-274.585 F200.
N4470 Z-.5378 C-270.556 F200.
N4480 C-269.845 F200.
N4490 Z-.5369 C-266.916 F200.
N4500 Z-.5339 C-263.621 F200.
N4510 Z-.5264 C-259.931 F200.
N4520 Z-.5174 C-257.467 F200.
N4530 Z-.5045 C-255.32 F200.
N4540 Z-.4892 C-253.736 F200.
N4550 Z-.4725 C-252.626 F200.
N4560 Z-.4538 C-251.795 F200.
N4570 Z-.4281 C-251.049 F200.
N4580 Z-.4008 C-250.548 F200.
N4590 Z-.3598 C-250.108 F200.
N4600 Z-.3111 C-249.877 F200.
N4610 Z-.2654 C-249.863 F200.
N4620 Z-.2159 C-250.086 F200.
N4630 Z-.1771 C-250.522 F200.
N4640 Z-.1482 C-251.123 F200.
N4650 Z-.1273 C-251.831 F200.
N4660 Z-.1087 C-252.809 F200.
N4670 Z-.0934 C-254.052 F200.
N4680 Z-.0888 C-254.54 F200.
N4690 X5.7932 Z-.1021 C-257.315 F200.
N4700 X5.8 Z-.1153 C-260.091 F200.
N4710 Z-.0965 C-261.509 F200.
N4720 Z-.0803 C-263.237 F200.
N4730 Z-.0679 C-265.269 F200.
N4740 Z-.0599 C-267.626 F200.
N4750 Z-.0573 C-269.999 F200.
N4760 Z-.0602 C-272.511 F200.
N4770 Z-.0693 C-275.005 F200.
N4780 Z-.0809 C-276.838 F200.
N4790 Z-.0978 C-278.61 F200.
N4800 Z-.1144 C-279.849 F200.
N4810 Z-.1359 C-281.033 F200.
N4820 Z-.162 C-282.04 F200.
N4830 Z-.1903 C-282.789 F200.
N4840 Z-.2184 C-283.256 F200.
N4850 Z-.2531 C-283.537 F200.
N4860 Z-.2888 C-283.527 F200.
N4870 Z-.3233 C-283.235 F200.
N4880 Z-.3543 C-282.71 F200.
N4890 Z-.3824 C-281.963 F200.
N4900 Z-.4067 C-281.04 F200.
N4910 Z-.4319 C-279.692 F200.
N4920 Z-.4531 C-278.02 F200.
N4930 Z-.4694 C-276.096 F200.
N4940 Z-.4814 C-273.746 F200.
N4950 Z-.4872 C-271.353 F200.
N4960 Z-.488 C-270.002 F200.
N4970 Z-.4844 C-267.194 F200.
N4980 Z-.4766 C-265.13 F200.
N4990 Z-.4645 C-263.24 F200.
N5000 Z-.4469 C-261.42 F200.
N5010 Z-.4252 C-259.897 F200.
N5020 Z-.4035 C-258.817 F200.
N5030 Z-.3805 C-257.977 F200.
N5040 Z-.355 C-257.306 F200.
N5050 Z-.3221 C-256.751 F200.
N5060 Z-.286 C-256.461 F200.
N5070 Z-.2525 C-256.465 F200.
N5080 Z-.2167 C-256.765 F200.
N5090 Z-.187 C-257.282 F200.
N5100 Z-.162 C-257.956 F200.
N5110 Z-.1342 C-259.053 F200.
N5120 Z-.1153 C-260.091 F200.
N5130 Z-.1363 C-264.148 F200.
N5140 Z-.1176 C-264.88 F200.
N5150 Z-.0967 C-266.096 F200.
N5160 Z-.0833 C-267.332 F200.
N5170 Z-.0749 C-268.723 F200.
N5180 Z-.0725 C-269.841 F200.
N5190 Z-.0751 C-271.321 F200.
N5200 Z-.0849 C-272.864 F200.
N5210 Z-.1011 C-274.209 F200.
N5220 Z-.1203 C-275.244 F200.
N5230 Z-.1439 C-276.088 F200.
N5240 Z-.1695 C-276.684 F200.
N5250 Z-.1958 C-277.028 F200.
N5260 Z-.2275 C-277.146 F200.
N5270 Z-.2557 C-276.994 F200.
N5280 Z-.282 C-276.617 F200.
N5290 Z-.305 C-276.065 F200.
N5300 Z-.3272 C-275.28 F200.
N5310 Z-.3466 C-274.264 F200.
N5320 Z-.3631 C-272.919 F200.
N5330 Z-.3732 C-271.391 F200.
N5340 Z-.376 C-270.16 F200.
N5350 Z-.3736 C-268.716 F200.
N5360 Z-.3641 C-267.188 F200.
N5370 Z-.3479 C-265.822 F200.
N5380 Z-.3284 C-264.778 F200.
N5390 Z-.3059 C-263.956 F200.
N5400 Z-.2806 C-263.358 F200.
N5410 Z-.2545 C-262.993 F200.
N5420 Z-.2286 C-262.854 F200.
N5430 Z-.2013 C-262.928 F200.
N5440 Z-.1709 C-263.293 F200.
N5450 Z-.1418 C-263.969 F200.
N5460 Z-.1363 C-264.148 F200.
N5470 Z-.156 C-267.726 F200.
N5480 Z-.1397 C-267.966 F200.
N5490 Z-.1259 C-268.382 F200.
N5500 Z-.1159 C-268.926 F200.
N5510 Z-.1103 C-269.562 F200.
N5520 Z-.1093 C-270. F200.
N5530 Z-.1117 C-270.661 F200.
N5540 Z-.119 C-271.28 F200.
N5550 Z-.1305 C-271.785 F200.
N5560 Z-.1454 C-272.144 F200.
N5570 Z-.1624 C-272.313 F200.
N5580 Z-.1796 C-272.278 F200.
N5590 Z-.1961 C-272.041 F200.
N5600 Z-.21 C-271.626 F200.
N5610 Z-.2201 C-271.08 F200.
N5620 Z-.2258 C-270.44 F200.
N5630 Z-.2268 C-270. F200.
N5640 Z-.2233 C-269.205 F200.
N5650 Z-.2129 C-268.496 F200.
N5660 Z-.1968 C-267.973 F200.
N5670 Z-.1767 C-267.702 F200.
N5680 Z-.156 C-267.726 F200.
N5690 G98
N5700 G01 X8. F41.
N5710 M46
N5720 M05
N5730 G00 X40. Z30. C0. M09
N5740 G00 G30 U0 W0 T0600
N5750 M01
N5760 T0202 M45
N5770 G97 S3500 M13
N5780 G00 X8. Z-.55 C-340. M08
N5790 G87 X5.4856 C-340. Q1000 F30.
N5800 G80
N5810 G00 X8. Z-.55
N5820 M46
N5830 M05
N5840 X40. Z30. C0. M09
N5850 G00 G30 U0 W0 T0200
N5860 M01
(.150 DIA DRILL)
N5870 T0303
N5880 G97 S3100 M03
N5890 G00 X4. Z1.95 C-180. M08
N5900 G87 X4. Z-.15 C-180. Q1000 F19.1
N5910 C-195. Q1000
N5920 C-210. Q1000
N5930 C-225. Q1000
N5940 G80
N5950 G00 Z1.95
N5960 M05
N5970 G00 G30 U0 W0 T0300
N5980 M01
N5990 T1212
N6000 G97 S1100 M03
N6010 G00 C-180. M08
N6020 G87 X4. Z-.6574 C-180. Q1000 F26.5
N6030 C-195. Q1000
N6040 C-210. Q1000
N6050 C-225. Q1000
N6060 G80
N6070 G00 Z1.95
N6080 M05
N6090 G00 G30 U0 W0 T1200
N6100 M110
N6110 G54
N6120 M46 G99
N6130 G18
N6140 M199
N6150 M30
N6160 %

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