MA50HB - 4 Axis Mill


Sample NC Program for this 4 Axis Milling Center (Rotate about Y Axis) post processor:

N12  (DATE : 08/10/20 12:29:43)
(REV: 1)
(T2 - 1/2" SPOT DRILL)
(T3 - #7 DRILL .2010 DIAM.)
(T4 - #4 DRILL .2090 DIAM.)
(T5 - 1/4-20 TAP)
(T6 - .249 REAM 3" FLUTE 5" REACH)
(T7 - .374 REAM 4" FLUTE 7" REACH)
(T8 - 1/4" BALL END MILL)
(T9 - 1/4" THREAD MILL)
(T10 - 3/16" CARBIDE END MILL)
(T57 - 3" FACE MILL)
N16  G90 G80 G17 G40
N18 T57
N20  M06 (T57)
N22 T2
N24  M01
N26 S3500 M03
N28 G00 G15 H54 X8.925 Y-2.025
N30 G56 Z1. H57 M08
N32 Z.1
N34 G01 Z0. F12.
N36 X-1.675
N38 G02 X-1.675 Y-1.475 I0. J.275
N40 G01 X8.925
N42 G00 Z1.
N44 M09
N46 M05
N48  M06 (T2)
N50 T3
N52  M01
N54 S2500 M03
N56 G00 G15 H54 X1. Y-3.
N58 G56 Z1. H02 M07
N60 G00 Z.1
N62 G01 X1. Y-3. Z-.13 F8.
N64 G00 Z.1
N66 X3.
N68 G01 Z-.13 F8.
N70 G00 Z.1
N72 X5.
N74 G01 Z-.13 F8.
N76 G00 Z.1
N78 Z1.
N80 G15 H54 X-1.5 Y-2.25 B-90.
N82 Z.5
N84 G00 Z.1
N86 G01 X-1.5 Y-2.25 Z-.1875 F8.
N88 Z.1 F180.
N90 G00 Y-1.625
N92 G01 Z-.1875 F8.
N94 Z.1 F180.
N96 G00 Y-1.
N98 G01 Z-.1875 F8.
N100 Z.1 F180.
N102 G00 X-.875
N104 G01 Z-.1875 F8.
N106 Z.1 F180.
N108 G00 Y-1.625
N110 G01 Z-.1875 F8.
N112 Z.1 F180.
N114 G00 Y-2.25
N116 G01 Z-.1875 F8.
N118 Z.1 F180.
N120 G00 Z.5
N122 M09
N124 M05
(#7 DRILL .2010 DIAM.)
N126  M06 (T3)
N128 T4
N130  M01
N132 S1850 M03
N134 G00 G15 H54 X1. Y-3.
N136 G56 Z1. H03 M08
N138 G81 X1. Y-3. Z-2.1104 R.1 F6. B0.
N140 X3.
N142 X5.
N144 G80
N146 G00 Z1.
N148 M09
N150 M05
(#4 DRILL .2090 DIAM.)
N152  M06 (T4)
N154 T5
N156  M01
N158 S1560 M03
N160 G00 G15 H54 X1. Y-3.
N162 G56 Z1. H04 M08
N164 G83 X1. Y-3. Z-2.1128 Q.1672 R.1 F4.5 B0.
N166 X3.
N168 X5.
N170 G80
N172 G00 Z1.
N174 M09
N176 M05
(1/4-20 TAP)
N178  M06 (T5)
N180 T6
N182  M01
N184 S250 M03
N186 G00 G15 H54 X1. Y-3.
N188 G56 Z1. H05 M08
N190 G284 X1. Y-3. Z-1.1 R.1 F12.5 B0.
N192 X3.
N194 X5.
N196 G80
N198 G00 Z1.
N200 M09
N202 M05
(.249 REAM 3" FLUTE 5" REACH)
N204  M06 (T6)
N206 T7
N208  M01
N210 S890 M03
N212 G00 G15 H54 X1. Y-3.
N214 G56 Z1. H06 M08
N216 G86 X1. Y-3. Z-2.05 R.1 F20. B0.
N218 X3.
N220 X5.
N222 G80
N224 G00 Z1.
N226 M09
N228 M05
(.374 REAM 4" FLUTE 7" REACH)
N230  M06 (T7)
N232 T8
N234  M01
N236 S750 M03
N238 G00 G15 H54 X1. Y-3.
N240 G56 Z1. H07 M08
N242 G85 X1. Y-3. Z-2.05 R.1 F15. B0.
N244 X3.
N246 X5.
N248 G80
N250 G00 Z1.
N252 M09
N254 M05
N256  M06 (T8)
N258 T9
N260  M01
N262 S2500 M03
N264 G00 G15 H54 X-.3768 Y-3.5
N266 G56 Z1. H08 M08
N268 Z.1
N270 G01 Z0. F16.
N272 X-.1586
N274 G03 X.0414 Y-3.3 I0. J.2
N276 G02 X.2414 Y-3.1 I.2 J0.
N278 G01 X2.5112
N280 G02 X2.7112 Y-3.3 I0. J-.2
N282 G03 X2.9112 Y-3.5 I.2 J0.
N284 G01 X3.4731
N286 G18
N288 G02 X3.6231 Z.15 I0. K.15
N290 G03 X3.7731 Z.3 I.15 K0.
N292 G01 X5.5777
N294 G03 X5.7277 Z.15 I0. K-.15
N296 G02 X5.8777 Z0. I.15 K0.
N298 G01 X7.
N300 Y-3.07
N302 G19
N304 G03 Y-2.92 Z.15 J0. K.15
N306 G02 Y-2.77 Z.3 J.15 K0.
N308 G01 Y-1.9
N310 G02 Y-1.75 Z.15 J0. K-.15
N312 G03 Y-1.6 Z0. J.15 K0.
N314 G01 Y-1.4
N316 G00 Z1.
N318 M09
N320 M05
N322  M06 (T9)
N324 T10
N326  M01
N328 S1950 M03
N330 G00 G15 H54 X6.5 Y-1.5
N332 G56 Z1. H09 M08
N334 Z-2.1
N336 G01 Z-2.2 F12.
N338 G17
N340 G01 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-2.1858
N342 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-2.1715
N344 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-2.1573
N346 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-2.143
N348 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-2.1288
N350 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-2.1146
N352 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-2.1003
N354 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-2.0861
N356 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-2.0718
N358 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-2.0576
N360 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-2.0434
N362 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-2.0291
N364 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-2.0149
N366 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-2.0006
N368 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-1.9864
N370 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-1.9722
N372 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-1.9579
N374 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-1.9437
N376 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-1.9294
N378 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-1.9152
N380 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-1.901
N382 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-1.8867
N384 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-1.8725
N386 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-1.8582
N388 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-1.844
N390 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-1.8297
N392 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-1.8155
N394 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-1.8013
N396 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-1.787
N398 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-1.7728
N400 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-1.7586
N402 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-1.7443
N404 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-1.7301
N406 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-1.7158
N408 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-1.7016
N410 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-1.7
N412 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-1.6858
N414 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-1.6715
N416 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-1.6573
N418 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-1.643
N420 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-1.6288
N422 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-1.6146
N424 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-1.6003
N426 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-1.5861
N428 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-1.5718
N430 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-1.5576
N432 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-1.5434
N434 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-1.5291
N436 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-1.5149
N438 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-1.5006
N440 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-1.4864
N442 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-1.4722
N444 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-1.4579
N446 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-1.4437
N448 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-1.4294
N450 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-1.4152
N452 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-1.401
N454 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-1.3867
N456 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-1.3725
N458 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-1.3582
N460 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-1.344
N462 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-1.3297
N464 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-1.3155
N466 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-1.3013
N468 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-1.287
N470 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-1.2728
N472 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-1.2586
N474 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-1.2443
N476 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-1.2301
N478 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-1.2158
N480 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-1.2016
N482 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-1.2
N484 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-1.1858
N486 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-1.1715
N488 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-1.1573
N490 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-1.143
N492 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-1.1288
N494 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-1.1146
N496 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-1.1003
N498 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-1.0861
N500 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-1.0718
N502 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-1.0576
N504 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-1.0434
N506 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-1.0291
N508 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-1.0149
N510 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-1.0006
N512 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-.9864
N514 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-.9722
N516 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-.9579
N518 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-.9437
N520 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-.9294
N522 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-.9152
N524 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-.901
N526 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-.8867
N528 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-.8725
N530 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-.8582
N532 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-.844
N534 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-.8297
N536 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-.8155
N538 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-.8013
N540 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-.787
N542 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-.7728
N544 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-.7586
N546 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-.7443
N548 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-.7301
N550 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-.7158
N552 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-.7016
N554 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-.7
N556 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-.6858
N558 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-.6715
N560 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-.6573
N562 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-.643
N564 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-.6288
N566 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-.6146
N568 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-.6003
N570 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-.5861
N572 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-.5718
N574 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-.5576
N576 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-.5434
N578 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-.5291
N580 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-.5149
N582 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-.5006
N584 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z-.4864
N586 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z-.4722
N588 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z-.4579
N590 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z-.4437
N592 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z-.4294
N594 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z-.4152
N596 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z-.401
N598 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z-.3867
N600 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z-.3725
N602 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z-.3582
N604 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z-.344
N606 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z-.3297
N608 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z-.3155
N610 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z-.3013
N612 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z-.287
N614 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z-.2728
N616 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z-.2586
N618 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z-.2443
N620 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z-.2301
N622 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z-.2158
N624 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z-.2016
N626 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z-.2
N628 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z-.1858
N630 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z-.1715
N632 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z-.1573
N634 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z-.143
N636 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z-.1288
N638 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z-.1146
N640 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z-.1003
N642 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z-.0861
N644 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z-.0718
N646 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z-.0576
N648 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z-.0434
N650 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z-.0291
N652 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z-.0149
N654 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z-.0006
N656 X6.0477 Y-1.3531 Z0.
N658 G00 Z1.
N660 M09
N662 M05
N664  M06 (T10)
N666 T2
N668  M01
N670 S2500 M03
N672 G00 G15 H55 X1.1 Y-1.8688 B90.
N674 G56 Z1. H10 M08
N676 Z.1
N678 G01 Z0. F200.
N680 G41 Y-1.8188 D00
N682 G03 X1. Y-1.7188 I-.1 J0.
N684 G01 X.75
N686 G03 X.4688 Y-2. I0. J-.2812
N688 G01 Y-2.5
N690 G03 X.75 Y-2.7813 I.2812 J0.
N692 G01 X1.25
N694 G03 X1.5313 Y-2.5 I0. J.2813
N696 G01 Y-2.
N698 G03 X1.25 Y-1.7188 I-.2813 J0.
N700 G01 X1.
N702 G03 X.9 Y-1.8188 I0. J-.1
N704 G01 G40 Y-1.8688
N706 G00 Z1.
N708 M09
N710 M05
N712  M06 (T2)
N714 T3
N716  M01
N718 S1850 M03
N720 G00 G15 H56 X.5 Y-2. B180.
N722 G56 Z1. H02 M08
N724 G00 Z.1
N726 G01 X.5 Y-2. Z-.225 F6.
N728 Z.1 F180.
N730 G00 Y-2.45
N732 G01 Z-.225 F6.
N734 Z.1 F180.
N736 G00 Y-2.9
N738 G01 Z-.225 F6.
N740 Z.1 F180.
N742 G00 X1.25
N744 G01 Z-.225 F6.
N746 Z.1 F180.
N748 G00 Y-2.45
N750 G01 Z-.225 F6.
N752 Z.1 F180.
N754 G00 Y-2.
N756 G01 Z-.225 F6.
N758 Z.1 F180.
N760 G00 Z1.
N762 G15 H57 X-1.5 Y-2.25 B270.
N764 Z.5
N766 G00 Z.1
N768 G01 X-1.5 Y-2.25 Z-.15 F6.
N770 Z.1 F180.
N772 G00 Y-1.625
N774 G01 Z-.15 F6.
N776 Z.1 F180.
N778 G00 Y-1.
N780 G01 Z-.15 F6.
N782 Z.1 F180.
N784 G00 X-.875
N786 G01 Z-.15 F6.
N788 Z.1 F180.
N790 G00 Y-1.625
N792 G01 Z-.15 F6.
N794 Z.1 F180.
N796 G00 Y-2.25
N798 G01 Z-.15 F6.
N800 Z.1 F180.
N802 G00 Z.5
N804 M09
N806 M05
(#7 DRILL .2010 DIAM.)
N808  M06 (T3)
N810 T57
N812  M01
N814 S1950 M03
N816 G00 G15 H57 X-1.5 Y-2.25 B-90.
N818 G56 Z1. H03 M08
N820 G83 X-1.5 Y-2.25 Z-.5604 Q.1608 R.1 F5. B-90.
N822 Y-1.625
N824 Y-1.
N826 X-.875
N828 Y-1.625
N830 Y-2.25
N832 G80
N834 G00 Z1.
N836 M09
N838 M05
N840  M30

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