Haas VS-3 / VF-7 - 3 Axis Mill


Sample NC Program for this 3 Axis Milling Center post processor:

(T2 - 12" SPOT DRILL)
(T4 - #4 DRILL .2090 DIAM.)
(T6 - .249 REAM 3" FLUTE 5" REACH)
(T7 - .374 REAM 4" FLUTE 7" REACH)
(T8 - 14" BALL END MILL)
(T9 - 14" THREAD MILL)
(T18 - 3" FACE MILL)
(T19 - 38-16 TAP)
N10 T18 M06
N20 T2
N30 G00 G90 G54 X9.125 Y-2.225 S1850 M03
N40 G43 Z3.18 H18 M08
N50 Z2.28
N60 G01 Z2.18 F12.
N70 X-1.675
N80 G02 X-1.675 Y-1.475 R.375
N90 G01 X9.125
N100 G00 Z3.18
N110 M05
N120 G00 Z1. M09
N130 G49 G53 Z0.
N140 T2 M06
N150 T4
N160 G00 G90 G54 X1. Y-3. S2500 M03
N170 G43 Z3.2 H02 M07
N180 G82 Z2.07 P2. R2.3 F8.
N190 X3.
N200 X5.
N210 G00 G80 G99 Z1.
N220 Z3.2
N230 G81 X1. Y-3. Z-.1 R2.3 F6. S1850 M03 M08
N240 X3.
N250 X5.
N260 G00 G80 G99 Z1.
N270 Z3.2
N280 M05
N290 G00 Z1. M09
N300 G49 G53 Z0.
(#4 DRILL .2090 DIAM.)
N310 T4 M06
N320 T19
N330 G00 G90 G54 X1. Y-3. S1560 M03
N340 G43 Z3.4 H04 M07
N350 G83 Z.2872 Q.1672 R2.5 F4.5
N360 X3.
N370 X5.
N380 G00 G80 G99 Z1.
N390 Z3.4
N400 M05
N410 G00 Z1. M09
N420 G49 G53 Z0.
(38-16 TAP)
N430 T19 M06
N440 T6
N450 G00 G90 G54 X1. Y-3. S600 M03
N460 G43 Z3.19 H19 M07
N470 G84 Z1.09 R2.29 F37.5
N480 X3.
N490 X5.
N500 G00 G80 G99 Z1.
N510 Z3.19
N520 M05
N530 G00 Z1. M09
N540 G49 G53 Z0.
(.249 REAM 3" FLUTE 5" REACH)
N550 T6 M06
N560 T7
N570 G00 G90 G54 X1. Y-3. S890 M03
N580 G43 Z3.6 H06 M08
N590 G85 Z.55 P2. R2.7 F20.
N600 X3.
N610 X5.
N620 G00 G80 G99 Z1.
N630 Z3.6
N640 M05
N650 G00 Z1. M09
N660 G49 G53 Z0.
(.374 REAM 4" FLUTE 7" REACH)
N670 T7 M06
N680 T8
N690 G00 G90 G54 X1. Y-3. S750 M03
N700 G43 Z3.7 H07 M08
N710 G85 Z.65 R2.8 F15.
N720 X3.
N730 X5.
N740 G00 G80 G99 Z1.
N750 Z3.7
N760 M05
N770 G00 Z1. M09
N780 G49 G53 Z0.
N790 T8 M06
N800 T9
N810 G00 G90 G54 X-.3768 Y-3.5 S2500 M03
N820 G43 Z3.8 H08 M08
N830 Z2.9
N840 G01 Z2.8 F16.
N850 X-.1586
N860 G03 X.0414 Y-3.3 R.2
N870 G02 X.2414 Y-3.1 R.2
N880 G01 X2.5112
N890 G02 X2.7112 Y-3.3 R.2
N900 G03 X2.9112 Y-3.5 R.2
N910 G01 X3.4731
N920 G03 X3.6231 Z2.95 R.15
N930 G02 X3.7731 Z3.1 R.15
N940 G01 X5.5777
N950 G02 X5.7277 Z2.95 R.15
N960 G03 X5.8777 Z2.8 R.15
N970 G01 X7.
N980 Y-3.07
N990 G03 Y-2.92 Z2.95 R.15
N1000 G02 Y-2.77 Z3.1 R.15
N1010 G01 Y-1.9
N1020 G02 Y-1.75 Z2.95 R.15
N1030 G03 Y-1.6 Z2.8 R.15
N1040 G01 Y-1.4
N1050 G00 Z3.8
N1060 M05
N1070 G00 Z1. M09
N1080 G49 G53 Z0.
N1090 T9 M06
N1100 T18
N1110 G00 G90 G54 X6.5 Y-1.5 S1950 M03
N1120 G43 Z3.9 H09 M08
N1130 Z.8
N1140 G01 Z.7 F12.
N1150 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.7014
N1160 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.7028
N1170 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.7043
N1180 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.7057
N1190 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.7071
N1200 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.7085
N1210 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.71
N1220 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.7114
N1230 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.7128
N1240 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.7142
N1250 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.7157
N1260 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.7171
N1270 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.7185
N1280 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.7199
N1290 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.7214
N1300 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.7228
N1310 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.7242
N1320 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.7256
N1330 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.7271
N1340 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.7285
N1350 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.7299
N1360 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.7313
N1370 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.7328
N1380 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.7342
N1390 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.7356
N1400 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.737
N1410 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.7384
N1420 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.7399
N1430 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.7413
N1440 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.7427
N1450 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.7441
N1460 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.7456
N1470 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.747
N1480 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.7484
N1490 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.7498
N1500 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.75
N1510 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.7514
N1520 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.7528
N1530 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.7543
N1540 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.7557
N1550 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.7571
N1560 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.7585
N1570 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.76
N1580 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.7614
N1590 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.7628
N1600 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.7642
N1610 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.7657
N1620 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.7671
N1630 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.7685
N1640 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.7699
N1650 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.7714
N1660 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.7728
N1670 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.7742
N1680 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.7756
N1690 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.7771
N1700 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.7785
N1710 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.7799
N1720 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.7813
N1730 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.7828
N1740 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.7842
N1750 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.7856
N1760 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.787
N1770 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.7884
N1780 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.7899
N1790 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.7913
N1800 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.7927
N1810 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.7941
N1820 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.7956
N1830 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.797
N1840 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.7984
N1850 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.7998
N1860 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.8
N1870 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.8014
N1880 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.8028
N1890 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.8043
N1900 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.8057
N1910 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.8071
N1920 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.8085
N1930 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.81
N1940 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.8114
N1950 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.8128
N1960 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.8142
N1970 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.8157
N1980 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.8171
N1990 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.8185
N2000 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.8199
N2010 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.8214
N2020 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.8228
N2030 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.8242
N2040 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.8256
N2050 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.8271
N2060 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.8285
N2070 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.8299
N2080 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.8313
N2090 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.8328
N2100 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.8342
N2110 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.8356
N2120 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.837
N2130 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.8384
N2140 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.8399
N2150 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.8413
N2160 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.8427
N2170 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.8441
N2180 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.8456
N2190 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.847
N2200 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.8484
N2210 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.8498
N2220 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.85
N2230 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.8514
N2240 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.8528
N2250 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.8543
N2260 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.8557
N2270 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.8571
N2280 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.8585
N2290 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.86
N2300 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.8614
N2310 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.8628
N2320 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.8642
N2330 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.8657
N2340 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.8671
N2350 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.8685
N2360 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.8699
N2370 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.8714
N2380 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.8728
N2390 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.8742
N2400 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.8756
N2410 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.8771
N2420 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.8785
N2430 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.8799
N2440 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.8813
N2450 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.8828
N2460 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.8842
N2470 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.8856
N2480 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.887
N2490 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.8884
N2500 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.8899
N2510 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.8913
N2520 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.8927
N2530 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.8941
N2540 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.8956
N2550 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.897
N2560 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.8984
N2570 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.8998
N2580 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.9
N2590 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.9014
N2600 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.9028
N2610 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.9043
N2620 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.9057
N2630 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.9071
N2640 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.9085
N2650 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.91
N2660 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.9114
N2670 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.9128
N2680 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.9142
N2690 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.9157
N2700 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.9171
N2710 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.9185
N2720 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.9199
N2730 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.9214
N2740 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.9228
N2750 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.9242
N2760 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.9256
N2770 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.9271
N2780 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.9285
N2790 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.9299
N2800 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.9313
N2810 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.9328
N2820 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.9342
N2830 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.9356
N2840 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.937
N2850 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.9384
N2860 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.9399
N2870 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.9413
N2880 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.9427
N2890 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.9441
N2900 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.9456
N2910 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.947
N2920 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.9484
N2930 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.9498
N2940 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z.95
N2950 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z.9514
N2960 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z.9528
N2970 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z.9543
N2980 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z.9557
N2990 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z.9571
N3000 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z.9585
N3010 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z.96
N3020 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z.9614
N3030 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z.9628
N3040 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z.9642
N3050 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z.9657
N3060 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z.9671
N3070 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z.9685
N3080 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z.9699
N3090 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z.9714
N3100 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z.9728
N3110 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z.9742
N3120 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z.9756
N3130 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z.9771
N3140 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z.9785
N3150 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z.9799
N3160 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z.9813
N3170 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z.9828
N3180 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z.9842
N3190 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z.9856
N3200 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z.987
N3210 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z.9884
N3220 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z.9899
N3230 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z.9913
N3240 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z.9927
N3250 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z.9941
N3260 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z.9956
N3270 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z.997
N3280 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z.9984
N3290 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z.9998
N3300 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.
N3310 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.0014
N3320 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.0028
N3330 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.0043
N3340 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.0057
N3350 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.0071
N3360 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.0085
N3370 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.01
N3380 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.0114
N3390 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.0128
N3400 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.0142
N3410 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.0157
N3420 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.0171
N3430 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.0185
N3440 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.0199
N3450 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.0214
N3460 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.0228
N3470 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.0242
N3480 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.0256
N3490 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.0271
N3500 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.0285
N3510 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.0299
N3520 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.0313
N3530 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.0328
N3540 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.0342
N3550 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.0356
N3560 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.037
N3570 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.0384
N3580 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.0399
N3590 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.0413
N3600 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.0427
N3610 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.0441
N3620 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.0456
N3630 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.047
N3640 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.0484
N3650 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.0498
N3660 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.05
N3670 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.0514
N3680 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.0528
N3690 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.0543
N3700 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.0557
N3710 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.0571
N3720 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.0585
N3730 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.06
N3740 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.0614
N3750 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.0628
N3760 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.0642
N3770 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.0657
N3780 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.0671
N3790 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.0685
N3800 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.0699
N3810 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.0714
N3820 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.0728
N3830 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.0742
N3840 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.0756
N3850 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.0771
N3860 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.0785
N3870 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.0799
N3880 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.0813
N3890 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.0828
N3900 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.0842
N3910 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.0856
N3920 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.087
N3930 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.0884
N3940 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.0899
N3950 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.0913
N3960 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.0927
N3970 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.0941
N3980 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.0956
N3990 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.097
N4000 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.0984
N4010 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.0998
N4020 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.1
N4030 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.1014
N4040 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.1028
N4050 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.1043
N4060 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.1057
N4070 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.1071
N4080 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.1085
N4090 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.11
N4100 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.1114
N4110 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.1128
N4120 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.1142
N4130 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.1157
N4140 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.1171
N4150 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.1185
N4160 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.1199
N4170 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.1214
N4180 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.1228
N4190 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.1242
N4200 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.1256
N4210 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.1271
N4220 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.1285
N4230 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.1299
N4240 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.1313
N4250 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.1328
N4260 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.1342
N4270 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.1356
N4280 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.137
N4290 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.1384
N4300 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.1399
N4310 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.1413
N4320 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.1427
N4330 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.1441
N4340 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.1456
N4350 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.147
N4360 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.1484
N4370 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.1498
N4380 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.15
N4390 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.1514
N4400 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.1528
N4410 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.1543
N4420 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.1557
N4430 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.1571
N4440 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.1585
N4450 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.16
N4460 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.1614
N4470 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.1628
N4480 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.1642
N4490 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.1657
N4500 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.1671
N4510 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.1685
N4520 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.1699
N4530 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.1714
N4540 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.1728
N4550 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.1742
N4560 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.1756
N4570 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.1771
N4580 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.1785
N4590 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.1799
N4600 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.1813
N4610 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.1828
N4620 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.1842
N4630 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.1856
N4640 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.187
N4650 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.1884
N4660 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.1899
N4670 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.1913
N4680 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.1927
N4690 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.1941
N4700 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.1956
N4710 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.197
N4720 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.1984
N4730 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.1998
N4740 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.2
N4750 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.2014
N4760 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.2028
N4770 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.2043
N4780 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.2057
N4790 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.2071
N4800 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.2085
N4810 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.21
N4820 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.2114
N4830 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.2128
N4840 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.2142
N4850 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.2157
N4860 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.2171
N4870 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.2185
N4880 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.2199
N4890 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.2214
N4900 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.2228
N4910 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.2242
N4920 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.2256
N4930 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.2271
N4940 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.2285
N4950 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.2299
N4960 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.2313
N4970 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.2328
N4980 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.2342
N4990 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.2356
N5000 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.237
N5010 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.2384
N5020 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.2399
N5030 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.2413
N5040 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.2427
N5050 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.2441
N5060 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.2456
N5070 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.247
N5080 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.2484
N5090 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.2498
N5100 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.25
N5110 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.2514
N5120 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.2528
N5130 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.2543
N5140 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.2557
N5150 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.2571
N5160 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.2585
N5170 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.26
N5180 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.2614
N5190 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.2628
N5200 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.2642
N5210 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.2657
N5220 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.2671
N5230 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.2685
N5240 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.2699
N5250 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.2714
N5260 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.2728
N5270 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.2742
N5280 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.2756
N5290 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.2771
N5300 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.2785
N5310 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.2799
N5320 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.2813
N5330 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.2828
N5340 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.2842
N5350 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.2856
N5360 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.287
N5370 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.2884
N5380 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.2899
N5390 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.2913
N5400 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.2927
N5410 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.2941
N5420 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.2956
N5430 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.297
N5440 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.2984
N5450 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.2998
N5460 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.3
N5470 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.3014
N5480 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.3028
N5490 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.3043
N5500 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.3057
N5510 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.3071
N5520 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.3085
N5530 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.31
N5540 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.3114
N5550 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.3128
N5560 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.3142
N5570 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.3157
N5580 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.3171
N5590 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.3185
N5600 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.3199
N5610 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.3214
N5620 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.3228
N5630 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.3242
N5640 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.3256
N5650 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.3271
N5660 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.3285
N5670 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.3299
N5680 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.3313
N5690 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.3328
N5700 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.3342
N5710 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.3356
N5720 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.337
N5730 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.3384
N5740 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.3399
N5750 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.3413
N5760 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.3427
N5770 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.3441
N5780 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.3456
N5790 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.347
N5800 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.3484
N5810 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.3498
N5820 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.35
N5830 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.3514
N5840 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.3528
N5850 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.3543
N5860 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.3557
N5870 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.3571
N5880 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.3585
N5890 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.36
N5900 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.3614
N5910 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.3628
N5920 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.3642
N5930 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.3657
N5940 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.3671
N5950 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.3685
N5960 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.3699
N5970 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.3714
N5980 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.3728
N5990 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.3742
N6000 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.3756
N6010 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.3771
N6020 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.3785
N6030 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.3799
N6040 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.3813
N6050 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.3828
N6060 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.3842
N6070 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.3856
N6080 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.387
N6090 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.3884
N6100 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.3899
N6110 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.3913
N6120 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.3927
N6130 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.3941
N6140 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.3956
N6150 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.397
N6160 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.3984
N6170 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.3998
N6180 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.4
N6190 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.4014
N6200 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.4028
N6210 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.4043
N6220 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.4057
N6230 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.4071
N6240 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.4085
N6250 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.41
N6260 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.4114
N6270 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.4128
N6280 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.4142
N6290 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.4157
N6300 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.4171
N6310 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.4185
N6320 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.4199
N6330 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.4214
N6340 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.4228
N6350 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.4242
N6360 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.4256
N6370 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.4271
N6380 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.4285
N6390 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.4299
N6400 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.4313
N6410 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.4328
N6420 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.4342
N6430 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.4356
N6440 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.437
N6450 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.4384
N6460 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.4399
N6470 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.4413
N6480 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.4427
N6490 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.4441
N6500 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.4456
N6510 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.447
N6520 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.4484
N6530 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.4498
N6540 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.45
N6550 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.4514
N6560 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.4528
N6570 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.4543
N6580 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.4557
N6590 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.4571
N6600 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.4585
N6610 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.46
N6620 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.4614
N6630 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.4628
N6640 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.4642
N6650 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.4657
N6660 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.4671
N6670 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.4685
N6680 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.4699
N6690 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.4714
N6700 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.4728
N6710 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.4742
N6720 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.4756
N6730 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.4771
N6740 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.4785
N6750 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.4799
N6760 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.4813
N6770 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.4828
N6780 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.4842
N6790 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.4856
N6800 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.487
N6810 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.4884
N6820 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.4899
N6830 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.4913
N6840 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.4927
N6850 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.4941
N6860 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.4956
N6870 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.497
N6880 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.4984
N6890 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.4998
N6900 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.5
N6910 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.5014
N6920 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.5028
N6930 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.5043
N6940 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.5057
N6950 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.5071
N6960 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.5085
N6970 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.51
N6980 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.5114
N6990 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.5128
N7000 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.5142
N7010 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.5157
N7020 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.5171
N7030 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.5185
N7040 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.5199
N7050 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.5214
N7060 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.5228
N7070 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.5242
N7080 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.5256
N7090 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.5271
N7100 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.5285
N7110 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.5299
N7120 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.5313
N7130 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.5328
N7140 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.5342
N7150 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.5356
N7160 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.537
N7170 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.5384
N7180 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.5399
N7190 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.5413
N7200 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.5427
N7210 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.5441
N7220 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.5456
N7230 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.547
N7240 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.5484
N7250 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.5498
N7260 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.55
N7270 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.5514
N7280 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.5528
N7290 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.5543
N7300 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.5557
N7310 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.5571
N7320 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.5585
N7330 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.56
N7340 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.5614
N7350 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.5628
N7360 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.5642
N7370 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.5657
N7380 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.5671
N7390 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.5685
N7400 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.5699
N7410 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.5714
N7420 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.5728
N7430 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.5742
N7440 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.5756
N7450 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.5771
N7460 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.5785
N7470 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.5799
N7480 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.5813
N7490 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.5828
N7500 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.5842
N7510 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.5856
N7520 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.587
N7530 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.5884
N7540 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.5899
N7550 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.5913
N7560 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.5927
N7570 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.5941
N7580 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.5956
N7590 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.597
N7600 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.5984
N7610 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.5998
N7620 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.6
N7630 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.6014
N7640 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.6028
N7650 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.6043
N7660 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.6057
N7670 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.6071
N7680 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.6085
N7690 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.61
N7700 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.6114
N7710 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.6128
N7720 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.6142
N7730 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.6157
N7740 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.6171
N7750 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.6185
N7760 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.6199
N7770 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.6214
N7780 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.6228
N7790 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.6242
N7800 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.6256
N7810 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.6271
N7820 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.6285
N7830 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.6299
N7840 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.6313
N7850 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.6328
N7860 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.6342
N7870 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.6356
N7880 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.637
N7890 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.6384
N7900 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.6399
N7910 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.6413
N7920 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.6427
N7930 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.6441
N7940 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.6456
N7950 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.647
N7960 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.6484
N7970 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.6498
N7980 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.65
N7990 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.6514
N8000 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.6528
N8010 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.6543
N8020 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.6557
N8030 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.6571
N8040 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.6585
N8050 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.66
N8060 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.6614
N8070 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.6628
N8080 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.6642
N8090 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.6657
N8100 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.6671
N8110 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.6685
N8120 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.6699
N8130 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.6714
N8140 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.6728
N8150 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.6742
N8160 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.6756
N8170 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.6771
N8180 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.6785
N8190 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.6799
N8200 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.6813
N8210 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.6828
N8220 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.6842
N8230 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.6856
N8240 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.687
N8250 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.6884
N8260 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.6899
N8270 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.6913
N8280 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.6927
N8290 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.6941
N8300 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.6956
N8310 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.697
N8320 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.6984
N8330 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.6998
N8340 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.7
N8350 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.7014
N8360 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.7028
N8370 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.7043
N8380 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.7057
N8390 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.7071
N8400 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.7085
N8410 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.71
N8420 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.7114
N8430 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.7128
N8440 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.7142
N8450 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.7157
N8460 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.7171
N8470 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.7185
N8480 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.7199
N8490 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.7214
N8500 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.7228
N8510 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.7242
N8520 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.7256
N8530 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.7271
N8540 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.7285
N8550 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.7299
N8560 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.7313
N8570 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.7328
N8580 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.7342
N8590 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.7356
N8600 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.737
N8610 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.7384
N8620 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.7399
N8630 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.7413
N8640 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.7427
N8650 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.7441
N8660 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.7456
N8670 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.747
N8680 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.7484
N8690 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.7498
N8700 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.75
N8710 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.7514
N8720 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.7528
N8730 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.7543
N8740 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.7557
N8750 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.7571
N8760 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.7585
N8770 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.76
N8780 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.7614
N8790 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.7628
N8800 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.7642
N8810 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.7657
N8820 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.7671
N8830 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.7685
N8840 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.7699
N8850 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.7714
N8860 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.7728
N8870 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.7742
N8880 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.7756
N8890 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.7771
N8900 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.7785
N8910 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.7799
N8920 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.7813
N8930 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.7828
N8940 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.7842
N8950 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.7856
N8960 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.787
N8970 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.7884
N8980 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.7899
N8990 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.7913
N9000 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.7927
N9010 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.7941
N9020 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.7956
N9030 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.797
N9040 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.7984
N9050 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.7998
N9060 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.8
N9070 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.8014
N9080 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.8028
N9090 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.8043
N9100 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.8057
N9110 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.8071
N9120 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.8085
N9130 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.81
N9140 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.8114
N9150 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.8128
N9160 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.8142
N9170 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.8157
N9180 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.8171
N9190 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.8185
N9200 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.8199
N9210 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.8214
N9220 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.8228
N9230 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.8242
N9240 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.8256
N9250 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.8271
N9260 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.8285
N9270 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.8299
N9280 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.8313
N9290 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.8328
N9300 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.8342
N9310 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.8356
N9320 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.837
N9330 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.8384
N9340 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.8399
N9350 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.8413
N9360 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.8427
N9370 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.8441
N9380 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.8456
N9390 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.847
N9400 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.8484
N9410 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.8498
N9420 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.85
N9430 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.8514
N9440 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.8528
N9450 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.8543
N9460 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.8557
N9470 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.8571
N9480 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.8585
N9490 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.86
N9500 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.8614
N9510 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.8628
N9520 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.8642
N9530 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.8657
N9540 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.8671
N9550 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.8685
N9560 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.8699
N9570 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.8714
N9580 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.8728
N9590 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.8742
N9600 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.8756
N9610 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.8771
N9620 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.8785
N9630 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.8799
N9640 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.8813
N9650 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.8828
N9660 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.8842
N9670 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.8856
N9680 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.887
N9690 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.8884
N9700 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.8899
N9710 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.8913
N9720 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.8927
N9730 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.8941
N9740 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.8956
N9750 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.897
N9760 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.8984
N9770 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.8998
N9780 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.9
N9790 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.9014
N9800 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.9028
N9810 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.9043
N9820 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.9057
N9830 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.9071
N9840 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.9085
N9850 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.91
N9860 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.9114
N9870 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.9128
N9880 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.9142
N9890 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.9157
N9900 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.9171
N9910 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.9185
N9920 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.9199
N9930 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.9214
N9940 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.9228
N9950 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.9242
N9960 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.9256
N9970 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.9271
N9980 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.9285
N9990 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.9299
N10 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.9313
N20 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.9328
N30 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.9342
N40 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.9356
N50 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.937
N60 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.9384
N70 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.9399
N80 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.9413
N90 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.9427
N100 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.9441
N110 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.9456
N120 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.947
N130 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.9484
N140 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.9498
N150 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z1.95
N160 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z1.9514
N170 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z1.9528
N180 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z1.9543
N190 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z1.9557
N200 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z1.9571
N210 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z1.9585
N220 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z1.96
N230 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z1.9614
N240 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z1.9628
N250 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z1.9642
N260 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z1.9657
N270 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z1.9671
N280 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z1.9685
N290 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z1.9699
N300 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z1.9714
N310 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z1.9728
N320 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z1.9742
N330 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z1.9756
N340 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z1.9771
N350 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z1.9785
N360 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z1.9799
N370 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z1.9813
N380 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z1.9828
N390 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z1.9842
N400 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z1.9856
N410 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z1.987
N420 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z1.9884
N430 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z1.9899
N440 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z1.9913
N450 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z1.9927
N460 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z1.9941
N470 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z1.9956
N480 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z1.997
N490 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z1.9984
N500 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z1.9998
N510 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.
N520 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.0014
N530 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.0028
N540 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.0043
N550 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.0057
N560 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.0071
N570 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.0085
N580 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.01
N590 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.0114
N600 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.0128
N610 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.0142
N620 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.0157
N630 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.0171
N640 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.0185
N650 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.0199
N660 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.0214
N670 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.0228
N680 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.0242
N690 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.0256
N700 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.0271
N710 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.0285
N720 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.0299
N730 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.0313
N740 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.0328
N750 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.0342
N760 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.0356
N770 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.037
N780 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.0384
N790 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.0399
N800 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.0413
N810 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.0427
N820 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.0441
N830 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.0456
N840 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.047
N850 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.0484
N860 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.0498
N870 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.05
N880 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.0514
N890 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.0528
N900 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.0543
N910 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.0557
N920 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.0571
N930 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.0585
N940 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.06
N950 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.0614
N960 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.0628
N970 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.0642
N980 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.0657
N990 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.0671
N1000 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.0685
N1010 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.0699
N1020 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.0714
N1030 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.0728
N1040 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.0742
N1050 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.0756
N1060 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.0771
N1070 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.0785
N1080 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.0799
N1090 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.0813
N1100 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.0828
N1110 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.0842
N1120 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.0856
N1130 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.087
N1140 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.0884
N1150 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.0899
N1160 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.0913
N1170 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.0927
N1180 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.0941
N1190 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.0956
N1200 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.097
N1210 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.0984
N1220 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.0998
N1230 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.1
N1240 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.1014
N1250 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.1028
N1260 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.1043
N1270 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.1057
N1280 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.1071
N1290 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.1085
N1300 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.11
N1310 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.1114
N1320 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.1128
N1330 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.1142
N1340 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.1157
N1350 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.1171
N1360 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.1185
N1370 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.1199
N1380 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.1214
N1390 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.1228
N1400 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.1242
N1410 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.1256
N1420 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.1271
N1430 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.1285
N1440 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.1299
N1450 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.1313
N1460 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.1328
N1470 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.1342
N1480 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.1356
N1490 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.137
N1500 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.1384
N1510 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.1399
N1520 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.1413
N1530 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.1427
N1540 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.1441
N1550 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.1456
N1560 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.147
N1570 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.1484
N1580 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.1498
N1590 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.15
N1600 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.1514
N1610 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.1528
N1620 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.1543
N1630 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.1557
N1640 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.1571
N1650 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.1585
N1660 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.16
N1670 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.1614
N1680 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.1628
N1690 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.1642
N1700 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.1657
N1710 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.1671
N1720 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.1685
N1730 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.1699
N1740 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.1714
N1750 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.1728
N1760 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.1742
N1770 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.1756
N1780 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.1771
N1790 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.1785
N1800 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.1799
N1810 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.1813
N1820 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.1828
N1830 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.1842
N1840 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.1856
N1850 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.187
N1860 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.1884
N1870 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.1899
N1880 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.1913
N1890 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.1927
N1900 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.1941
N1910 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.1956
N1920 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.197
N1930 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.1984
N1940 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.1998
N1950 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.2
N1960 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.2014
N1970 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.2028
N1980 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.2043
N1990 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.2057
N2000 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.2071
N2010 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.2085
N2020 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.21
N2030 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.2114
N2040 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.2128
N2050 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.2142
N2060 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.2157
N2070 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.2171
N2080 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.2185
N2090 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.2199
N2100 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.2214
N2110 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.2228
N2120 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.2242
N2130 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.2256
N2140 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.2271
N2150 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.2285
N2160 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.2299
N2170 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.2313
N2180 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.2328
N2190 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.2342
N2200 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.2356
N2210 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.237
N2220 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.2384
N2230 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.2399
N2240 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.2413
N2250 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.2427
N2260 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.2441
N2270 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.2456
N2280 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.247
N2290 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.2484
N2300 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.2498
N2310 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.25
N2320 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.2514
N2330 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.2528
N2340 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.2543
N2350 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.2557
N2360 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.2571
N2370 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.2585
N2380 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.26
N2390 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.2614
N2400 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.2628
N2410 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.2642
N2420 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.2657
N2430 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.2671
N2440 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.2685
N2450 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.2699
N2460 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.2714
N2470 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.2728
N2480 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.2742
N2490 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.2756
N2500 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.2771
N2510 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.2785
N2520 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.2799
N2530 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.2813
N2540 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.2828
N2550 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.2842
N2560 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.2856
N2570 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.287
N2580 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.2884
N2590 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.2899
N2600 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.2913
N2610 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.2927
N2620 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.2941
N2630 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.2956
N2640 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.297
N2650 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.2984
N2660 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.2998
N2670 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.3
N2680 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.3014
N2690 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.3028
N2700 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.3043
N2710 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.3057
N2720 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.3071
N2730 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.3085
N2740 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.31
N2750 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.3114
N2760 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.3128
N2770 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.3142
N2780 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.3157
N2790 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.3171
N2800 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.3185
N2810 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.3199
N2820 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.3214
N2830 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.3228
N2840 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.3242
N2850 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.3256
N2860 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.3271
N2870 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.3285
N2880 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.3299
N2890 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.3313
N2900 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.3328
N2910 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.3342
N2920 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.3356
N2930 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.337
N2940 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.3384
N2950 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.3399
N2960 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.3413
N2970 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.3427
N2980 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.3441
N2990 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.3456
N3000 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.347
N3010 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.3484
N3020 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.3498
N3030 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.35
N3040 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.3514
N3050 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.3528
N3060 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.3543
N3070 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.3557
N3080 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.3571
N3090 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.3585
N3100 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.36
N3110 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.3614
N3120 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.3628
N3130 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.3642
N3140 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.3657
N3150 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.3671
N3160 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.3685
N3170 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.3699
N3180 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.3714
N3190 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.3728
N3200 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.3742
N3210 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.3756
N3220 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.3771
N3230 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.3785
N3240 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.3799
N3250 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.3813
N3260 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.3828
N3270 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.3842
N3280 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.3856
N3290 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.387
N3300 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.3884
N3310 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.3899
N3320 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.3913
N3330 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.3927
N3340 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.3941
N3350 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.3956
N3360 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.397
N3370 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.3984
N3380 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.3998
N3390 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.4
N3400 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.4014
N3410 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.4028
N3420 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.4043
N3430 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.4057
N3440 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.4071
N3450 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.4085
N3460 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.41
N3470 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.4114
N3480 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.4128
N3490 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.4142
N3500 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.4157
N3510 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.4171
N3520 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.4185
N3530 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.4199
N3540 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.4214
N3550 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.4228
N3560 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.4242
N3570 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.4256
N3580 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.4271
N3590 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.4285
N3600 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.4299
N3610 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.4313
N3620 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.4328
N3630 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.4342
N3640 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.4356
N3650 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.437
N3660 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.4384
N3670 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.4399
N3680 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.4413
N3690 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.4427
N3700 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.4441
N3710 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.4456
N3720 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.447
N3730 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.4484
N3740 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.4498
N3750 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.45
N3760 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.4514
N3770 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.4528
N3780 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.4543
N3790 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.4557
N3800 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.4571
N3810 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.4585
N3820 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.46
N3830 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.4614
N3840 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.4628
N3850 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.4642
N3860 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.4657
N3870 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.4671
N3880 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.4685
N3890 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.4699
N3900 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.4714
N3910 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.4728
N3920 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.4742
N3930 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.4756
N3940 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.4771
N3950 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.4785
N3960 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.4799
N3970 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.4813
N3980 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.4828
N3990 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.4842
N4000 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.4856
N4010 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.487
N4020 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.4884
N4030 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.4899
N4040 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.4913
N4050 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.4927
N4060 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.4941
N4070 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.4956
N4080 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.497
N4090 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.4984
N4100 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.4998
N4110 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.5
N4120 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.5014
N4130 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.5028
N4140 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.5043
N4150 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.5057
N4160 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.5071
N4170 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.5085
N4180 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.51
N4190 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.5114
N4200 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.5128
N4210 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.5142
N4220 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.5157
N4230 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.5171
N4240 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.5185
N4250 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.5199
N4260 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.5214
N4270 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.5228
N4280 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.5242
N4290 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.5256
N4300 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.5271
N4310 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.5285
N4320 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.5299
N4330 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.5313
N4340 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.5328
N4350 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.5342
N4360 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.5356
N4370 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.537
N4380 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.5384
N4390 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.5399
N4400 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.5413
N4410 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.5427
N4420 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.5441
N4430 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.5456
N4440 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.547
N4450 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.5484
N4460 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.5498
N4470 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.55
N4480 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.5514
N4490 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.5528
N4500 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.5543
N4510 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.5557
N4520 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.5571
N4530 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.5585
N4540 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.56
N4550 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.5614
N4560 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.5628
N4570 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.5642
N4580 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.5657
N4590 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.5671
N4600 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.5685
N4610 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.5699
N4620 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.5714
N4630 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.5728
N4640 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.5742
N4650 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.5756
N4660 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.5771
N4670 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.5785
N4680 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.5799
N4690 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.5813
N4700 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.5828
N4710 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.5842
N4720 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.5856
N4730 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.587
N4740 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.5884
N4750 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.5899
N4760 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.5913
N4770 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.5927
N4780 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.5941
N4790 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.5956
N4800 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.597
N4810 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.5984
N4820 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.5998
N4830 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.6
N4840 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.6014
N4850 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.6028
N4860 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.6043
N4870 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.6057
N4880 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.6071
N4890 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.6085
N4900 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.61
N4910 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.6114
N4920 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.6128
N4930 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.6142
N4940 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.6157
N4950 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.6171
N4960 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.6185
N4970 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.6199
N4980 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.6214
N4990 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.6228
N5000 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.6242
N5010 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.6256
N5020 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.6271
N5030 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.6285
N5040 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.6299
N5050 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.6313
N5060 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.6328
N5070 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.6342
N5080 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.6356
N5090 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.637
N5100 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.6384
N5110 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.6399
N5120 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.6413
N5130 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.6427
N5140 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.6441
N5150 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.6456
N5160 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.647
N5170 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.6484
N5180 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.6498
N5190 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.65
N5200 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.6514
N5210 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.6528
N5220 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.6543
N5230 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.6557
N5240 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.6571
N5250 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.6585
N5260 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.66
N5270 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.6614
N5280 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.6628
N5290 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.6642
N5300 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.6657
N5310 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.6671
N5320 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.6685
N5330 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.6699
N5340 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.6714
N5350 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.6728
N5360 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.6742
N5370 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.6756
N5380 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.6771
N5390 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.6785
N5400 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.6799
N5410 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.6813
N5420 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.6828
N5430 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.6842
N5440 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.6856
N5450 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.687
N5460 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.6884
N5470 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.6899
N5480 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.6913
N5490 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.6927
N5500 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.6941
N5510 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.6956
N5520 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.697
N5530 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.6984
N5540 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.6998
N5550 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.7
N5560 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.7014
N5570 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.7028
N5580 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.7043
N5590 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.7057
N5600 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.7071
N5610 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.7085
N5620 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.71
N5630 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.7114
N5640 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.7128
N5650 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.7142
N5660 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.7157
N5670 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.7171
N5680 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.7185
N5690 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.7199
N5700 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.7214
N5710 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.7228
N5720 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.7242
N5730 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.7256
N5740 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.7271
N5750 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.7285
N5760 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.7299
N5770 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.7313
N5780 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.7328
N5790 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.7342
N5800 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.7356
N5810 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.737
N5820 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.7384
N5830 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.7399
N5840 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.7413
N5850 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.7427
N5860 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.7441
N5870 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.7456
N5880 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.747
N5890 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.7484
N5900 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.7498
N5910 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.75
N5920 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.7514
N5930 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.7528
N5940 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.7543
N5950 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.7557
N5960 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.7571
N5970 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.7585
N5980 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.76
N5990 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.7614
N6000 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.7628
N6010 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.7642
N6020 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.7657
N6030 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.7671
N6040 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.7685
N6050 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.7699
N6060 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.7714
N6070 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.7728
N6080 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.7742
N6090 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.7756
N6100 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.7771
N6110 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.7785
N6120 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.7799
N6130 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.7813
N6140 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.7828
N6150 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.7842
N6160 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.7856
N6170 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.787
N6180 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.7884
N6190 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.7899
N6200 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.7913
N6210 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.7927
N6220 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.7941
N6230 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.7956
N6240 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.797
N6250 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.7984
N6260 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.7998
N6270 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.8
N6280 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.8014
N6290 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.8028
N6300 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.8043
N6310 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.8057
N6320 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.8071
N6330 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.8085
N6340 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.81
N6350 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.8114
N6360 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.8128
N6370 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.8142
N6380 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.8157
N6390 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.8171
N6400 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.8185
N6410 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.8199
N6420 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.8214
N6430 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.8228
N6440 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.8242
N6450 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.8256
N6460 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.8271
N6470 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.8285
N6480 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.8299
N6490 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.8313
N6500 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.8328
N6510 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.8342
N6520 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.8356
N6530 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.837
N6540 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.8384
N6550 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.8399
N6560 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.8413
N6570 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.8427
N6580 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.8441
N6590 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.8456
N6600 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.847
N6610 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.8484
N6620 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.8498
N6630 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.85
N6640 X6.496 Y-1.4555 Z2.8514
N6650 X6.4842 Y-1.4124 Z2.8528
N6660 X6.4648 Y-1.3721 Z2.8543
N6670 X6.4386 Y-1.3359 Z2.8557
N6680 X6.4064 Y-1.305 Z2.8571
N6690 X6.3692 Y-1.2803 Z2.8585
N6700 X6.3282 Y-1.2625 Z2.86
N6710 X6.2847 Y-1.2524 Z2.8614
N6720 X6.2401 Y-1.2502 Z2.8628
N6730 X6.1958 Y-1.256 Z2.8642
N6740 X6.1532 Y-1.2695 Z2.8657
N6750 X6.1137 Y-1.2904 Z2.8671
N6760 X6.0786 Y-1.318 Z2.8685
N6770 X6.0489 Y-1.3514 Z2.8699
N6780 X6.0257 Y-1.3896 Z2.8714
N6790 X6.0096 Y-1.4313 Z2.8728
N6800 X6.0012 Y-1.4752 Z2.8742
N6810 X6.0008 Y-1.5198 Z2.8756
N6820 X6.0083 Y-1.5639 Z2.8771
N6830 X6.0235 Y-1.6059 Z2.8785
N6840 X6.046 Y-1.6445 Z2.8799
N6850 X6.075 Y-1.6785 Z2.8813
N6860 X6.1095 Y-1.7068 Z2.8828
N6870 X6.1486 Y-1.7285 Z2.8842
N6880 X6.1909 Y-1.7429 Z2.8856
N6890 X6.2351 Y-1.7496 Z2.887
N6900 X6.2797 Y-1.7482 Z2.8884
N6910 X6.3234 Y-1.739 Z2.8899
N6920 X6.3648 Y-1.7221 Z2.8913
N6930 X6.4025 Y-1.6981 Z2.8927
N6940 X6.4353 Y-1.6678 Z2.8941
N6950 X6.4622 Y-1.6321 Z2.8956
N6960 X6.4824 Y-1.5923 Z2.897
N6970 X6.4951 Y-1.5494 Z2.8984
N6980 X6.4999 Y-1.505 Z2.8998
N6990 X6.5 Y-1.5 Z2.9
N7000 G00 Z3.9
N7010 M05
N7020 G53 G49 Z0
N7030 G53 X-42.000 Y0
N7040 M30

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