Geminis GHT-5 - Mill/Turn


Sample NC Program for this 5 Axis Mill-Turn Center post processor:

OOP010(GHT 6)
N0010 (PROGRAM 0OP010.TXT - 02/02/21)
N0020 (T0202 - .250 SPOT DRILL)
N0025 (T0303 - .150 DIA DRILL)
N0030 (T0404 - OD TURNING TOOL)
N0035 (T0606 - .375 ENDMILL)
N0040 (T1212 - .277 DRILL)
N0045 (T0101 - .0625 TURN DRILL)
N0055 G00 G18 G99 G80 G20 G40
N0060 (OD_1)
N0070 (TURN OD)
N0075 G90 G18 G40 G49 G95 G80 G99
N0080 G92 S2200
N0085 G96 S1400 R1 M3
N0090 G0 X7.9576 Z.4388
N0095 G1 G95 X3.9576 F.05
N0100 G2 X3.5576 Z.2388 R.2 F.008
N0105 G3 X3.1576 Z.0388 R.2
N0110 G1 G95 X3.0316
N0115 G1 G95 Z-1.05
N0120 G1 G95 X3.1436
N0125 G0 Z.0388
N0130 G1 G95 X2.9858 F.008
N0135 G1 G95 Z-1.05
N0140 G1 G95 X3.0976
N0145 G0 Z.0388
N0150 G1 G95 X2.94 F.008
N0155 G1 G95 Z-1.05
N0160 G1 G95 X3.4976
N0165 G1 G95 X5.4976 F.05
N0170 G1 G95 X10.1564 Z7.6433
N0175 (0625_TURN_DRILL_1)
N0190 G90 G17 G40 G49 G94 G80 G99
N0195 M41
N0200 G92 S1000
N0205 G0 T0101
N0210 G97 S1100 M3
N0215 G0 X0. Z5.95
N0220 G81 X0. Z-.55 R.25 F6.5
N0225 G80
N0230 G0 Z5.95
N0240 (.375 ENDMILL)
N0250 G90 G17 G40 G49 G94 G80 G99
N0255 G0 T0606
N0260 G97 S2500 M3
N0265 G0 B257.905
N0270 G0 X1.7898 Y0.
N0275 G0 Z5.95
N0280 G0 Z.95
N0285 G1 G94 Z-.05 F41.
N0290 G3 X1.7898 R.1875
N0295 G3 X1.6326 Z-.0625 K-.0249 R.1875
N0300 G3 X1.7898 Z-.0749 K-.0249 R.1876
N0305 G3 X1.6326 Z-.0874 K-.0251 R.1875
N0310 G3 X1.7898 Z-.1 K-.0251 R.1876
N0315 G3 X1.7898 R.1875
N0320 G1 G94 Z5.95
N0325 (CBORE_OD)
N0335 G97 S3565 M3
N0340 G0 X9.0428 Y0.
N0345 G0 B-340.
N0350 G0 Z-.3625
N0355 G0 X5.0428
N0360 G1 G94 X3.0428 F41.
N0365 G19
N0370 G3 Y0. Z-.3625 R.1875
N0375 G3 X3.0095 Y0. Z-.7375 I-.0333 R.1875
N0380 G3 X2.9763 Y0. Z-.3625 I-.0333 R.1875
N0385 G3 X2.943 Y0. Z-.7375 I-.0333 R.1875
N0390 G3 X2.9098 Y0. Z-.3625 I-.0332 R.1875
N0395 G3 X2.8763 Y0. Z-.7375 I-.0335 R.1875
N0400 G3 X2.8428 Y0. Z-.3625 I-.0335 R.1875
N0405 G3 Y0. Z-.3625 R.1875
N0410 G1 G94 X4.
N0425 G0 Z-.05
N0430 G0 X7.
N0435 G0 B-247.5
N0440 G0 X4.9
N0445 G1 G94 X2.9 F41.
N0450 G1 G94 B-292.5
N0455 G1 G94 Z-.55
N0460 G1 G94 B-247.5
N0465 G1 G94 Z-.05
N0470 G1 G94 Z-.0625 B-249.431
N0475 G1 G94 Z-.0565 B-251.016
N0480 G1 G94 Z-.0527 B-254.631
N0485 G1 G94 Z-.0511 B-258.742
N0490 G1 G94 Z-.0504 B-262.979
N0495 G1 G94 Z-.0502 B-266.812
N0500 G1 G94 Z-.0501 B-270.19
N0505 G1 G94 Z-.0502 B-273.235
N0510 G1 G94 Z-.0504 B-276.704
N0515 G1 G94 Z-.051 B-280.82
N0520 G1 G94 Z-.0524 B-284.912
N0525 G1 G94 Z-.0556 B-288.466
N0530 G1 G94 Z-.062 B-290.476
N0535 G1 G94 Z-.0698 B-291.271
N0540 G1 G94 Z-.0782 B-291.631
N0545 G1 G94 Z-.0951 B-291.942
N0550 G1 G94 Z-.1291 B-292.173
N0555 G1 G94 Z-.2354 B-292.322
N0560 G1 G94 Z-.4213 B-292.251
N0565 G1 G94 Z-.4851 B-292.036
N0570 G1 G94 Z-.5108 B-291.75
N0575 G1 G94 Z-.5226 B-291.431
N0580 G1 G94 Z-.5313 B-290.944
N0585 G1 G94 Z-.5389 B-289.904
N0590 G1 G94 Z-.5443 B-287.726
N0595 G1 G94 Z-.5473 B-283.691
N0600 G1 G94 Z-.5484 B-279.711
N0605 G1 G94 Z-.5489 B-275.894
N0610 G1 G94 Z-.5491 B-272.64
N0615 G1 G94 B-269.809
N0620 G1 G94 Z-.549 B-265.68
N0625 G1 G94 Z-.5486 B-261.495
N0630 G1 G94 Z-.5477 B-257.372
N0635 G1 G94 Z-.5457 B-253.64
N0640 G1 G94 Z-.5411 B-250.701
N0645 G1 G94 Z-.534 B-249.322
N0650 G1 G94 Z-.5263 B-248.75
N0655 G1 G94 Z-.5136 B-248.305
N0660 G1 G94 Z-.4909 B-248.
N0665 G1 G94 Z-.439 B-247.782
N0670 G1 G94 Z-.2758 B-247.669
N0675 G1 G94 Z-.1421 B-247.788
N0680 G1 G94 Z-.1031 B-247.971
N0685 G1 G94 Z-.0807 B-248.302
N0690 G1 G94 Z-.071 B-248.675
N0695 G1 G94 Z-.0642 B-249.204
N0700 G1 G94 Z-.0625 B-249.431
N0705 G1 G94 Z-.0888 B-254.54
N0710 G1 G94 Z-.0755 B-256.504
N0715 G1 G94 Z-.0644 B-259.253
N0720 G1 G94 Z-.0572 B-262.394
N0725 G1 G94 Z-.0527 B-266.172
N0730 G1 G94 Z-.0514 B-270.155
N0735 G1 G94 Z-.0527 B-273.859
N0740 G1 G94 Z-.0567 B-277.343
N0745 G1 G94 Z-.0626 B-280.163
N0750 G1 G94 Z-.0714 B-282.653
N0755 G1 G94 Z-.0839 B-284.828
N0760 G1 G94 Z-.0999 B-286.535
N0765 G1 G94 Z-.1167 B-287.669
N0770 G1 G94 Z-.1363 B-288.511
N0775 G1 G94 Z-.1618 B-289.199
N0780 G1 G94 Z-.1927 B-289.691
N0785 G1 G94 Z-.2287 B-289.999
N0790 G1 G94 Z-.2793 B-290.153
N0795 G1 G94 Z-.3337 B-290.047
N0800 G1 G94 Z-.3803 B-289.708
N0805 G1 G94 Z-.4149 B-289.219
N0810 G1 G94 Z-.4393 B-288.666
N0815 G1 G94 Z-.4638 B-287.802
N0820 G1 G94 Z-.4818 B-286.809
N0825 G1 G94 Z-.4984 B-285.399
N0830 G1 G94 Z-.5113 B-283.683
N0835 G1 G94 Z-.5213 B-281.626
N0840 G1 G94 Z-.5307 B-278.281
N0845 G1 G94 Z-.5359 B-274.585
N0850 G1 G94 Z-.5378 B-270.556
N0855 G1 G94 B-269.845
N0860 G1 G94 Z-.5369 B-266.916
N0865 G1 G94 Z-.5339 B-263.621
N0870 G1 G94 Z-.5264 B-259.931
N0875 G1 G94 Z-.5174 B-257.467
N0880 G1 G94 Z-.5045 B-255.32
N0885 G1 G94 Z-.4892 B-253.736
N0890 G1 G94 Z-.4725 B-252.626
N0895 G1 G94 Z-.4538 B-251.795
N0900 G1 G94 Z-.4281 B-251.049
N0905 G1 G94 Z-.4008 B-250.548
N0910 G1 G94 Z-.3598 B-250.108
N0915 G1 G94 Z-.3111 B-249.877
N0920 G1 G94 Z-.2654 B-249.863
N0925 G1 G94 Z-.2159 B-250.086
N0930 G1 G94 Z-.1771 B-250.522
N0935 G1 G94 Z-.1482 B-251.123
N0940 G1 G94 Z-.1273 B-251.831
N0945 G1 G94 Z-.1087 B-252.809
N0950 G1 G94 Z-.0934 B-254.052
N0955 G1 G94 Z-.0888 B-254.54
N0960 G1 G94 Z-.1153 B-260.091
N0965 G1 G94 Z-.0965 B-261.509
N0970 G1 G94 Z-.0803 B-263.237
N0975 G1 G94 Z-.0679 B-265.269
N0980 G1 G94 Z-.0599 B-267.626
N0985 G1 G94 Z-.0573 B-269.999
N0990 G1 G94 Z-.0602 B-272.511
N0995 G1 G94 Z-.0693 B-275.005
N1000 G1 G94 Z-.0809 B-276.838
N1005 G1 G94 Z-.0978 B-278.61
N1010 G1 G94 Z-.1144 B-279.849
N1015 G1 G94 Z-.1359 B-281.033
N1020 G1 G94 Z-.162 B-282.04
N1025 G1 G94 Z-.1903 B-282.789
N1030 G1 G94 Z-.2184 B-283.256
N1035 G1 G94 Z-.2531 B-283.537
N1040 G1 G94 Z-.2888 B-283.527
N1045 G1 G94 Z-.3233 B-283.235
N1050 G1 G94 Z-.3543 B-282.71
N1055 G1 G94 Z-.3824 B-281.963
N1060 G1 G94 Z-.4067 B-281.04
N1065 G1 G94 Z-.4319 B-279.692
N1070 G1 G94 Z-.4531 B-278.02
N1075 G1 G94 Z-.4694 B-276.096
N1080 G1 G94 Z-.4814 B-273.746
N1085 G1 G94 Z-.4872 B-271.353
N1090 G1 G94 Z-.488 B-270.002
N1095 G1 G94 Z-.4844 B-267.194
N1100 G1 G94 Z-.4766 B-265.13
N1105 G1 G94 Z-.4645 B-263.24
N1110 G1 G94 Z-.4469 B-261.42
N1115 G1 G94 Z-.4252 B-259.897
N1120 G1 G94 Z-.4035 B-258.817
N1125 G1 G94 Z-.3805 B-257.977
N1130 G1 G94 Z-.355 B-257.306
N1135 G1 G94 Z-.3221 B-256.751
N1140 G1 G94 Z-.286 B-256.461
N1145 G1 G94 Z-.2525 B-256.465
N1150 G1 G94 Z-.2167 B-256.765
N1155 G1 G94 Z-.187 B-257.282
N1160 G1 G94 Z-.162 B-257.956
N1165 G1 G94 Z-.1342 B-259.053
N1170 G1 G94 Z-.1153 B-260.091
N1175 G1 G94 Z-.1363 B-264.148
N1180 G1 G94 Z-.1176 B-264.88
N1185 G1 G94 Z-.0967 B-266.096
N1190 G1 G94 Z-.0833 B-267.332
N1195 G1 G94 Z-.0749 B-268.723
N1200 G1 G94 Z-.0725 B-269.841
N1205 G1 G94 Z-.0751 B-271.321
N1210 G1 G94 Z-.0849 B-272.864
N1215 G1 G94 Z-.1011 B-274.209
N1220 G1 G94 Z-.1203 B-275.244
N1225 G1 G94 Z-.1439 B-276.088
N1230 G1 G94 Z-.1695 B-276.684
N1235 G1 G94 Z-.1958 B-277.028
N1240 G1 G94 Z-.2275 B-277.146
N1245 G1 G94 Z-.2557 B-276.994
N1250 G1 G94 Z-.282 B-276.617
N1255 G1 G94 Z-.305 B-276.065
N1260 G1 G94 Z-.3272 B-275.28
N1265 G1 G94 Z-.3466 B-274.264
N1270 G1 G94 Z-.3631 B-272.919
N1275 G1 G94 Z-.3732 B-271.391
N1280 G1 G94 Z-.376 B-270.16
N1285 G1 G94 Z-.3736 B-268.716
N1290 G1 G94 Z-.3641 B-267.188
N1295 G1 G94 Z-.3479 B-265.822
N1300 G1 G94 Z-.3284 B-264.778
N1305 G1 G94 Z-.3059 B-263.956
N1310 G1 G94 Z-.2806 B-263.358
N1315 G1 G94 Z-.2545 B-262.993
N1320 G1 G94 Z-.2286 B-262.854
N1325 G1 G94 Z-.2013 B-262.928
N1330 G1 G94 Z-.1709 B-263.293
N1335 G1 G94 Z-.1418 B-263.969
N1340 G1 G94 Z-.1363 B-264.148
N1345 G1 G94 Z-.156 B-267.726
N1350 G1 G94 Z-.1397 B-267.966
N1355 G1 G94 Z-.1259 B-268.382
N1360 G1 G94 Z-.1159 B-268.926
N1365 G1 G94 Z-.1103 B-269.562
N1370 G1 G94 Z-.1093 B-270.
N1375 G1 G94 Z-.1117 B-270.661
N1380 G1 G94 Z-.119 B-271.28
N1385 G1 G94 Z-.1305 B-271.785
N1390 G1 G94 Z-.1454 B-272.144
N1395 G1 G94 Z-.1624 B-272.313
N1400 G1 G94 Z-.1796 B-272.278
N1405 G1 G94 Z-.1961 B-272.041
N1410 G1 G94 Z-.21 B-271.626
N1415 G1 G94 Z-.2201 B-271.08
N1420 G1 G94 Z-.2258 B-270.44
N1425 G1 G94 Z-.2268 B-270.
N1430 G1 G94 Z-.2233 B-269.205
N1435 G1 G94 Z-.2129 B-268.496
N1440 G1 G94 Z-.1968 B-267.973
N1445 G1 G94 Z-.1767 B-267.702
N1450 G1 G94 Z-.156 B-267.726
N1455 G1 G94 X4.
N1460 M5
N1465 G0 Z30.
N1470 G0 X28.2842
N1475 G0 B0.
N1480 (DRILL_OD)
N1485 (.250 SPOT DRILL)
N1490 (DRILL OD)
N1495 G90 G17 G40 G49 G94 G80 G99
N1500 G0 T0202
N1505 G97 S3500 M3
N1510 G0 X4. Y0.
N1515 G0 B-340.
N1520 G0 Z-.55
N1525 G81 X2.8428 Y0. Z-.6 R-.25 B-340. F30.
N1530 G80
N1535 G0 X4.
N1540 G0 Z-.55
N1545 M5
N1550 G0 Z30.
N1555 G0 X20. Y10.
N1560 G0 B0.
N1570 (.150 DIA DRILL)
N1580 G90 G17 G40 G49 G94 G80 G99
N1585 G0 T0303
N1590 G97 S3100 M3
N1595 G0 X2. Y0.
N1600 G0 B-180.
N1605 G0 Z1.95
N1610 G81 X2. Z-.15 R.45 B-180. F19.1
N1615 B-195.
N1620 B-210.
N1625 B-225.
N1630 G80
N1635 G0 Z1.95
N1640 M5
N1650 (TOOL NAME : 0277_DRILL)
N1660 G90 G17 G40 G49 G94 G80 G99
N1665 G0 T1212
N1670 G97 S1100 M3
N1675 G0 X2. Y0.
N1680 G0 B-180.
N1685 G0 Z1.95
N1690 G81 X2. Z-.6574 R.4 B-180. F26.5
N1695 B-195.
N1700 B-210.
N1705 B-225.
N1710 G80
N1715 G0 Z1.95
N1720 M5
N1725 G99
N1730 M30
N1735 %

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